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Domination Theology.

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Domination Theology *

Ecumenical Prayer *

I was listening to my fav. Christian radio station, WVCY- Milwaukee- 107.7 FM on the way home from buying some veggie seeds and tomato plants today, and heard the man talk about the latest up and coming subjects listed above: Domination Theology, and Ecumenical Prayer. Two things that we should be alert, sober and watchful of -- as warned from the Bible, in the last days.

Most of us Christians know that this is already in progress in the world, and I believe, in the USA, but it will grow much worse in the near future so that even the saints could get led astray.
I need to do more research, but the first one has to do with, World Socialism, which is condoned and preached by the Catholic church, and others. Ecumenical Prayer, is the UN-Scriptural belief that ALL religions/ belief systems with their assorted prayers -- go to the same God. The Bible says both are absolutely wrong, and there fore against what the Scriptures teach.... and lead people to Hell. Back to the Bible! How are we supposed to know 'ding from dang' if we don't have the original Blue Print? See:

You know, when you go to college and pursue a specific trade or career, the 'powers that be" set up a program [hopefully] of every subject and related course that will give you a well rounded background to make you successful in your final goal and graduation-- to get the job or profession that you want. Why indeed would a welder need to take, Communications Principles 101, many complained? And Sociology-- besides more Math, Print Reading, etc...? But they all worked well to get us good jobs after wards, and you make some great friends and networking along the way and meet the right people.
What I am getting at is that WE MUST DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES TO CROSS THE FINISH LINE AND GO TO HEAVEN-- FOREVER!! Don't even dwell upon the the other road, to destruction-- it just isn't an option... although many billions of humans WILL choose that road to perdition. Many because they are Biblically, Illiterate, lazy, just don't give a hoot, or love the life style they are in right now, following, partying with the devil.

I was explaining to my hard working nephew yesterday, whom I care for and respect, that, 'millions of "GOOD" people will be going to hell.' He must have thought I was goofy/ crazy at that point, and I had to explain. Much is explained in the Book of Romans, Chapter 3, verse 10: "As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one." And then verse 23 says: "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God."
To use the analogy of an archer...[ because it's my fav., simple illustration] The term SIN means to fall short of the target of perfection. So what ever we may THINK is good and worthy in our imperfect human minds and hearts, is nothing but dirty, filthy, diseased RAGS before God Almighty! That's just the way it is, and the more we seriously read/ study the Bible, the more we can learn God's mind and laws... NOT just the 10 Commandments. Christianity is NOT a "Religion" -- it's a Way of Life! I hope this helps all to understand the vast valley between God and mere mankind. Adam was perfect, but he lost the farm when he sinned, and we humans have been very imperfect ever since-- and the ONLY WAY WE CAN BE REDEEMED IS BY THE RANSOM BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST! So.. being a "Christian" is a follower or imitator of Christ, and of course, His teachings. How has the world, and the USA stacked up to living the Christian life style?? The country as a whole condones the gross sins of ABORTION and HOMOSEXUALITY, etc., and that knocks us right out of the ring by itself! But, collectively, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I don't have time or space to expound on that today.
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