Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Global Troops to Protect Israel?

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For those with more than one ounce of brains -- this is a SICK JOKE, and 'obozo' must think the whole world is mentally challenged! Of all the nations of the world, the Jews were commanded by their God in Heaven, to keep close, permanent, accurate RECORDS of their history and genealogy. The Jews knew full well that the Americans and Allies in WW-2 could have hastened to bomb and/ or liberate the Nazi concentration and death camps in Germany and Poland... but they didn't ! The Jews saw the UN troops stand by while Syria and Iran sponsored / helped Lebanon ship in thousands of modern rockets and weaponry. Sorry, Gentiles...lol, the Jews are smarter than we think! It just will not happen this way, IMO, for a number of reasons. I don't think that God will let the Israelites blunder like this knowing full well that obozo doesn't have their best interests in mind-- Muslim that he is-- underneath sheep's clothing. And go figure: After all the lies obozo has told-- can ANYONE really trust him now/ again?? I just happen to be born German-American, but all my friends know that I am a history buff and a serious Bible student. And I can darn well LEARN from my own mistakes and those of others. Once lied to or cheated-- shame on the perp. Twice lied to or cheated -- shame on ME! Just reading the Bible, we can and should LEARN from the mistakes of those people mentioned in the Bible, for example, my previous post about the mistakes of the Jews wanting a human 'king' of their own-- just like all the heathen/ pagan nations around them. See: 1st Samuel 8th chapter.

It has never happened to me, but I know that if I were to drink a liter of booze and tried to drive-- something bad would happen. Could I even live with myself if I killed some innocent kid or person in another car or whatever ?? I never got a DUI, and I never will, because I just don't drink and drive. Period. I have seen the horrible damage DUI's have caused others, and I don't need that kind of pain and shame. Don't worry folks -- I have plenty of other faults and personality flaws to work on. Just ask my wife.....Ha! BTW, Sharon has been feeling poorly again, and her legs are so swelled up that they are leaking fluid through the skin from water/ fluid retention, so we think. It's HER call, if she wants me to take her to the hospital again -- but she hates that place... Please pray for Sharon, again. Thank you.

Israel knows enough to NOT accept the "help" of obozo or any other kind of goofed up Socialist Gov't, or the UN. Israel's existence is far more sacred and important than to trust some arrogant, pompous monkey who sides with his own people-- the Muslims, who are hell bent on destroying "the apple of God's eye." And soon after the Jews come back to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior-- all will be fine after the final war of Armageddon, and their remnant will be Saved while the world tumbles down the slippery slopes to hell! Pray for Israel.
I am putting my money on the sons of Israel to win the very NEXT war with her hostile Muslim neighbors -- WITHOUT the help of Socialist USA or impotent UN.

I will speak the truth as I know it -- until someone kills me, or God takes me. If I am wrong in what I say, God will correct me.

Tom Schuckman

Obama Plan: Global Troops to Protect Israel

Posted: 25 May 2010 01:43 PM PDT

By Aaron Klein. WorldNetDaily. A U.S. plan envisions stationing international troops along Israel's border with a future Palestinian state, WND has learned.Palestinian Authority officials privy to the plan say the Obama administration proposed deploying NATO soldiers along the Palestinian side of a future border with Israel as well as along the borders of Jordan and any future Palestinian

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, Thank you for your service to our country, your blog and visiting mine. I think global troops protecting Israel is like the wolves guarding the sheep. Thank the Lord He is in control. I will pray for your wife and hope she is feeling better.