Monday, May 10, 2010

Millions of "Good" people will go to Hell.

Tom's Journal.

Allow me to demonstrate further what I mean concerning 'worth while issues' that may consume 'too much of a Christian's time.'
I know, understand, am very concerned about ABORTION-- which is MURDER in the eyes of God. My wife and I used to picket an abortion clinic in Kenosha, WI for a whole Winter with a friend, and hand out info for the young girls to seek other alternatives, and I carried my Bible with me to show them the sanctity of life in the scriptures. God is 'Pro-Life', and so am I. But of course, no wonder to us, obama has picked a Pro-Murder woman for SC Judge [Supreme Court].

BUT... I am and many other Christians feel that "soul winning', sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, steering/ leading humans to be Saved, at this place in time -- [End Times], is of more import. The unborn life of a fetus is very dear to us and important, and if the mother is Saved by the ransom blood of Jesus on the cross-- her offspring are Saved too, up until the "age of reason" when that child is responsible for it's own actions and choices. Most Christians women DON'T murder/ abort their children! If you want me to offer proof scriptures-- I will, but right now I am just using the abortion ISSUE to make a point. obama wants a pro-abortion SC judge, and that will be another 'collective' BIG SIN that America has to bare, IMHO. See article.

A good foreman, supervisor or a NCO- Sargent knows how to get the most from his men, putting the most qualified men on the right jobs. A good husband or wife knows how to treat their spouse and help them be all they can be too.
Making the BEST use of our time, especially when we know for sure, according to God's Word- the Bible says that a 'BIG STORM' is coming very soon, led by Jesus Christ. All through out the Bible God ALWAYS gives a warning BEFORE He sets something serious in motion. All COULD be Saved, but sinful human nature is that MOST will NOT be saved, because of their stupid, selfish, greedy, pride, and 'willful ignorance' !! In the book of Ezekiel, there is the "Watchman" who has the duty to stand guard and warn if the enemy comes. If he fails his duty to warn-- then he will have 'blood on his head.' So too, the probable majority of "Christian pastors and churches" now days have failed to warn the people about the mixture of God-hating, corrupt Gov't, socialism/ corruption, and the Devil blinding their eyes, lulling them into a 'prosperity gospel.' I have actually seen a Baptist church that promoted the "Purpose Driven Life" book that was also studied IN church!

This is NOT the time to get 'side tracked' or concentrate on "good things/ activities" that steal too much of our time, energy and treasure, away from the pure and scriptural worship of the Lord, personal Bible study, and following of the Son, Jesus Christ! If you know a tornado or hurricane was coming to your front door soon, would you be painting the garage or planting daisies? If you know that the enemy was going to attack, would you be playing cards with your flash light on-- with your M-16 out of reach or field stripped?

BTW, if the real experts understand that we [17%] and Europe are merely putting a short term BAND-AID $$$ on the country of Greece, and know that the same thing will be happening here in the USA, but our Gov't continues to just keep spending our taxes on foolishness like there is no tomorrow-- are we personally going to just sit around with our finger in our ear? Read: Proverbs 3:5. Even so, we won't be pain free or secure. How much Faith in God do we really have right now? It should be very interesting...Ha! Can't you all feel the high stress and panic in the air? And the Republican party probably can't do much better, now that we are up to our eye balls in quick sand, and worthless paper money.

And here's the best part... God has warned us many times --like a fire in the night! God has allowed these things and times to happen so that His mighty Will and Prophecy might be fulfilled. Guess what, friends?? It's His universe, earth, ball game, and He is running the show that He said He would run, and His mercy has really run it's course-- and now it's time to pay the Piper! His "Game Plan" [the Bible] is available all over the world in every language and tongue, but the majority of humankind just didn't have the time to read it... they were TOO BUSY!

My wife and I plan for tomorrow, doing the chores, shopping, cleaning the house, going to church and visiting friends-- but we know that we could both drop dead at any time, and Sharon is gravely ill with heart disease, fluid in her lungs, diabetes and SARCOIDOSIS. If I didn't have good Chrysler Insurance and the VA on my side, Sharon would have been buried years ago! In fact your prayers are ALWAYS welcome, and for me too. Death or Rapture is our way out of this miserable, satanic, corrupt world, but in the mean time, sharing the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ is the most important thing EVERY Christian can do right now... May 10th, 2010. When we are home in Heaven-- we can take a break.

Check out:


Barack Obama Names Pro-Abortion Activist Elena Kagan to Supreme Court
Washington, DC ( -- President Barack Obama named pro-abortion Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court today to replace retiring pro-abortion Justice John Paul Stevens. Kagan, if confirmed by the Senate, would join the current 5-4 majority that has kept Roe v. Wade and 52 million abortions in place.

Kagan, a former Harvard Law dean, is an ardent abortion advocate who, at 50, would leave a pro-abortion legacy for Obama on the Supreme Court for decades to come.

Leading pro-life advocates immediately responded with comments and analysis showing Kagan's pro-abortion credentials and saying they will urge senators to oppose her nomination.

"Elena Kagan has strong ties to abortion-advocacy organizations and expressed admiration for activist judges who have worked to advance social policy rather than to impartially interpret the law," Charmaine Yoest, the president of Americans United for Life, told

She said her group would "oppose President Obama's attempt to reshape the Court as an activist, pro-abortion institution through which unelected judges will work to impose an out-of-the-mainstream social agenda upon the American people."

Yoest called Kagan "an ardent abortion supporter" who fulfills Obama's pledge to nominate a justice who strongly supports abortion.

Kagan has publicly and repeatedly criticized federal regulations that prohibited recipients of Title X family planning funds, taxpayer dollars, from counseling women to get abortions -- arguing they amounted to the subsidization of "anti-abortion" speech.

She has spent most of her career in academia and government -- in part as a legal counsel in the administration of pro-abortion President Bill Clinton --and prior to becoming the attorney for the Obama administration before the Supreme Court. Kagan was Associate Counsel to President Bill Clinton and Deputy Assistant to him for domestic policy -- which, under Clinton, advocated abortion. Full story at

Judicial Experts: Elena Kagan Has Little Experience, Backs Using Foreign Law
Washington, DC ( -- The initial insight from leading conservative judicial experts is that pro-abortion Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has little experience. They also say she has promoted the use of foreign law in court decisions, which could further entrench the Roe v. Wade decision that allowed virtually unlimited abortions.

Ed Whelen writes at National Review that Kagan has no judicial experience herself yet, in a law-review article on the Supreme Court confirmation process she wrote in 1995, said such experience is necessary.

"It is an embarrassment that the President and Senate do not always insist, as a threshold requirement, that a nominee’s previous accomplishments evidence an ability not merely to handle but to master the “craft” aspects of being a judge," Kagan wrote at the time.

Whelen says Kagan would seem to flunk the “threshold” test that she set forth for Supreme Court nominees.

"In particular, she seemed to put a much higher premium on the value—indeed, the apparent necessity -- of previous judicial experience than those who now promote her candidacy," he says. "I see nothing in her record that indicates that she has "master[ed] the ‘craft’ aspects of being a judge.'”

"Among Supreme Court nominees over the last 50 years, Kagan may well be the nominee with the least amount of relevant experience," Whelen said.

David McIntosh, co-founder of the Federalist Society and former congressman from Indiana, also highlighted her lack of experience.

"Solicitor General Kagan has been nominated with no judicial experience, a mere two years of private law practice, and only a year as Solicitor General of the United States. She is one of the most inexperienced nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court in recent memory," he said. Full story at


RIVER Organization Christian Church said...

Good points. Some people think that Kagan is not so pro abortion as other liberals because she recommened to Clinton to reject late-term abortions. But that was only because it was politically motivated and so congress couldn't override his signature.

She's a murder just like the other evil bunch.

By the way, abortion has NEVER been about womens rights. Never! Abortion is all about POPULATION control.

God bless you, brother!

Heli gunner Tom said...

Staley said:
The numbering of everyone in the world to force everyone to take the number 666 would have been impossible until the computer. There are computer systems already in place that can do that today.

The computer can give the antichrist the planes that will allow him to meet needs, put down uprisings, ways to compromise with those opposed to his policies & so forth. Human beings would never be able to come to such decisions but the computer is totally objective.

However the Antichrist is not & he will decide to set his throne up in the Temple where God promised David only his descendant would rule from & the Battle of Armageddon will begin.

I must admit however this is my understanding of its use. I do not know if the Theologians agree with me or not. Staley

Heli gunner Tom said...

Joann said:


This is SOOOO VERY SAD!!!! I have LOTS of family in Tucson, and one of my aunts lives right in the desert, she's the one I always stay with when I go over, but she lives in Marana, between Tucson and Phoenix.... pretty far north of the border. Her part of the desert is still nice, but she STILL sees Mexicans walking through the desert every now and then.

It's really sad the way they treat our land.... and being in Southern Calif. I've SEEN it... I've actually SEEN women throwing their baby's dirty diapers out the window of a moving car.... it makes me want to EXPLODE!!!!!!!! I've yelled at them and argued with them, but they couldn't care less.... there's NOTHING I can do on my own.

And our school playgrounds are all LOCKED now, our kids cannot play there on the weekends the way we used to when I was young.... they're locked so that our kids don't go in while the MEXICANS play soccer.... they have organized teams. But they leave our schools TRASHED!!! Dirty diapers, beer cans, broken glass, food wrappers, cigarette butts... EVERYTHING!!! It's HORRIBLE!!!

I REALLY support Arizona's new law... and I hope that eventually, lawmakers in Southern California will come to their senses, and enforce the same law. It's all in my prayers!!!

How are you doing?? How's Sharon feeling?? Is she at home or in the hospital right now?