Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Preacher is Arrested in Britain.

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All this fresh country air and working outside [resting every five minutes] makes me tired already in the after noon, so that I went to bad last evening at 8:30 PM. And my head and upper torso is getting plenty of sun every day that's nice. My German cleaning lady and even my wife helped me plant some veggies this morn-- but I made sure my wife didn't work too much and she wore protective clothing. We planted 9 tomato plants so far, some cukes and zucchinis, but more is coming. That's a big job for us out of the way! I wish my garden was larger, and I will click some pix as soon as things start to grow more. I also grilled some hamburgers on the grill today before noon for the ladies. We will have to live on the cheap the rest of the month-- too many bills.

As most of you fine people realize, the time is coming and soon, where we should expect our "rights" and liberties to be stripped and some things will be illegal-- just like the article about a preacher being arrested in England recently for repeating the very Word of God in public. America is always about 2 steps ahead of Europe. Heck, Canada is Socialist already... and they come here for health/ medical treatment-- go figure. But the Christian preaching aspect will surely separate the men from the boys in America, and hurt/ shut down our believed Christian Radio! The hypocrites / plastic 'Christian' wanna-be's will show their true colors when they water down the Gospel [even more than they do now] when the Gov't finally makes Christian preaching about homosexuality, etc., an offense. I don't know if the Rapture will come before or after that event. That will be a great test for all Christians, and will hurt many who choose to remain faithful to God and Christ. If people are not ready [or so biblically ignorant and bible illiterate] NOW-- what will they do when the real heat comes??

Folks, I am not looking to be vindicated, but God will be. I am nothing but dust in the wind, but a humble servant of the Lord. Getting to Heaven will certainly be reward enough for any pains I suffer now on earth. And just think, if the Gov't puts me into a concentration camp for sharing the Word-- look how skinny I will get on their 'diet'...LOL. That will not "EARN" me a place in Heaven but it will mean something to the Lord of Lords.
Sorry to say, it took years for me to see things so clearly as I do today, so I am trying to make up for lost time and share as much as I can. I won't care one bit about any material stuff that I leave behind, except if I outlive my wife-- she can have it all. I have posted many times about the apostle Paul claiming that all of his material things amounted to a dung heap [KJV] ...Ha! I guess you could say that I've come full circle in the last 40 years from when I was age 21 and full of beans. Unfortunately, my kids still think like I used to--even as I so patiently tried hard to explain things to them many times these past 12 years.

And believe me, the devil still continues to temp me every day, and I continue to ask the Holy Spirit to help me ward off Satan's attacks. I heard that if we feel NO resistance-- we are probably under the devil's thumb. Continue to fight and struggle for the PRIZE!
It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor -- the fight will continue until we are FREE in heaven at last.

It’s Getting Dangerous Out There — A Preacher Is Arrested in Britain

Posted: 04 May 2010 11:26 AM PDT

By Albert Mohler. AlbertMohler.com We have seen this coming for some time now. The public space has been closing, especially when it comes to Christian speech — and especially when that speech is about homosexuality.Now, a Christian preacher has been arrested in Britain for the crime of saying in public that homosexuality is a sin. This arrest is more than a news event — it is a signal of things to

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Carolyn said...

Hey Tom. I read this article earlier tonight. Yeah, it will be here before we know it. People don't believe, yet everything that is happening is clearly written. Interesting too that people who always claim tolerance are tolerant towards EVERYthing except Christian beliefs. Well, we knew it would come to that, and it will. Look forward to seeing pictures of your garden Tom. Glad you guys have had good weather for planting! God Bless you both Tom!