Sunday, May 2, 2010

Scriptural Illiteracy can kill you.

Tom's Journal.

Beware: Scriptural Illiteracy Can and Will kill you, and also allow sneaky apostates/ Satan's infiltrators compromise your defense perimeter. Have you ever done anything HARD in your life? Well, it's high time you got with the program of God's biblical ARMY today! The enemy is Satan-- and he certainly has his earthly sappers armed with lethal force and well trained to ambush "new" [young in the truth/ bible] Christians who are 'not ready for prime time' seasoned Soldiers of Christ. We are cautioned at Ephesians 6:11, 'to put on the whole armor of God, that we many be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.' This is spiritual training learned from God's Word- the Bible. If it is a foreign language for you-- LEARN IT! Most everyone has the chance to follow Christ, but are TOO LAZY to crack open HIS TM [technical manual -- that's Army speak] BIBLE. That is why I asked... 'have you ever done anything HARD IN YOUR LIFE?' I would speculate and bet the next months mortgage/ rent on suggesting that life forever in heaven with the Lord would be much better than life in eternal hell, and thee will NOT be any beer parties! ....duh.
But if you don't think so-- continue to walk around dumb and ignorant...HA! If you set yourself up to be an enemy of God [see: James 4:4] and choose to be "willfully IGNORANT" -- you are also an enemy of terrible Tom Schuckman, and all the rest of Christ's bride class who are going to heaven.... and we believe -- in the NEAR FUTURE.

Thank you, so much, my dear, hard working nephew, Steven Schuckman, for tilling out Victory garden this morning and cutting/ trimming our lawn!! I also gave him a new copy of the DEFINED KJV bible [see:], etc., and a tip on a welding job for him. Steve is also a certified welder and a good, dependable worker who lives not far from me in Wisconsin. I love to help my friends.

Have a great day!


The Last Days Apostasy of the Church - Part 5

Posted: 02 May 2010 11:15 AM PDT

By Andy Woods. Apostasy is an important yet often neglected subject when attempting to comprehend what the Bible teaches about the end times. Thus, this series of articles is dedicated toward tracing ten general, biblical characteristics of apostasy. In the previous articles, apostasy was defined as a movement within Christ’s church representing a departure from known truth. It

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