Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday for Tom's Family.

Tom's Journal.

It was a good day, all considered .... I woke up late for the Bible Study at 0900, but got there a half hour latter, and the missionary [American- Anglo] from our area--Wisconsin-- to Japan gave the talk and sermon, and his blond haired family were here too. They spent 15 years in Japan, so far, and told about how hard it is to over come the old Japanese traditions and false religions over there.

Then my daughter, Sarah, and her 2 kids showed up right before the main sermon, and EVERYONE was so kind and polite to her! The pastor even prayed for Sarah, Sharon, me, and the rest of our family. I took my family out for brunch and then to my humble hovel, where my oldest daughter, Barbara, also came over to visit with us, and that almost made my day complete. But I promised my lonely, needful, dear wife that I would come to visit her too, and I spent about 3 hours or more with her. For some reason, I don't have a problem with staying longer with her-- now that she is more alert. I brought her some Bing cherries and fresh strawberries that ruined her appetite for her late lunch of fish and cauliflower....

We shall see and visit my mother tomorrow, and she promised to turn on the A/C in her upper apartment complex. She NEVER pays for heat because the place is so hot in the Winter time anyway. But she doesn't care for the A/C --says her eyes are allergic to it.

I was just thinking how everything is coming to a head, biblically speaking-- yet only a "FEW" million people on earth really know and understand what true, biblical CHRISTIANITY means! We are not all super bible scholars in Hebrew and Greek, and endowed with the same "gifts" and talents, but real Christians ought to MAKE time to learn the basics! True... we can't see the content of others' hearts-- but we can see their actions, and if they champion and support things that are strictly forbidden by God, like practicing perversions like homosexuality, abortion, murder, and robbery--- and that includes 'sucking the public breast of welfare' and other Gov't programs strictly for those who CANNOT work from disability, etc. -- those folks will not inherit God's kingdom, from what I understand. One wonders if those kind of people were really Saved in the first place. You know... I heard that in places like Jamaica, there is no welfare or Gov't programs to feed people. If you don't work-- you DON'T EAT! So everyone there in those islands and countries learn from little on some sort of livelihood, trade/ work! And that is only biblical. I just love that concept. I bet our illegal alien immigration problem would cure itself in a heart beat if the USA took that proper stance!

Can you imagine an American president who is trying to fly 'under the radar' right now to somehow go around the Congress to grant amnesty to the great influx of illegal aliens from our Southern border so he can guarantee his re-election in 2012??? That offense would be impeachable-- but we have already seen some high handed. illegal manure floating down stream already. Frankly, I don't think the American public WILL WAKE UP IN TIME. The Liberal Lefty Losers have already weakened America so much that the Prez and Congress disregard the Constitution and do what ever they want....Ha! Sorry, friends, I am putting all my faith and trust in GOD--not humans!
But friends, I need to tell you all that even though this news upsets many of us who still love and try to obey the Law of the Land, that we ought to think: 'No Worries, Mate!' Just because the world of Satan and the slimy politicians, and many so-called "Christian churches" don't know about God and Bible prophecy-- doesn't make it untrue! Our Faith in God and His written Word ought to be so strong that we are already lifting our heads HIGH, because we know that our Salvation is near! That is why born-again Christians WILL be Raptured up by Christ, most likely BEFORE the Great Tribulation begins! We BELIEVE and put our total trust in God-- with out having to see the horrifying astrological and earthly events that will shortly come during the Tribulation. There will, of course be, "Tribulation Saints" and those saved, but they will have to endure the world without the Holy Spirit, many horrors, death, sickness and martyrdom to get to heaven instead. Who in their right mind would want that ?? Remember what Jesus told Thomas about seeing and believing verses those who believe WITHOUT seeing!

Sometimes I have the feeling that most of my preaching, sharing the Gospel and writing are going to those who just won't take a stand NOW, but might be "Left Behind." I know that God is using me in various capacities right now and in different ways. Just like the apostles Paul and Apollo-- some planted and others watered-- and God made the new Christians grow. I am thrilled to be God's humble tool and servant-- even thought I am yet a sinner. To tie in with what I said in the beginning, God uses imperfect people who yet sin. But for those who PRACTICE SIN, and on purpose-- that is a horse of a different color. For some of us it takes many years to clean up a flaw or the practice of gross sin. But just think: If someone held a gun to your loved one's head, you would do WHAT EVER IT TOOK to get your loved one's freedom and safety ! Too many people now days are so lazy, slow, selfish, greedy and full of the lust of sin and wickedness that it SEEMS close to impossible to change. Yet, God's own Word says that it IS possible to change if you accept the Holy Spirit [as a Helper] and Jesus Christ as your PERSONAL Savior!! How bad to you want true security, safety and heaven ? Make up your minds soon.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.

So You Think You're an Atheist . . . But How Do You Know?

Posted: 28 Jun 2010 12:33 PM PDT

By Jack Kinsella The Omega Letter One of the more formidable obstacles atheism must contend with is the existence of its principle tool - the ability to reason.Knowledge is attained by reasoned thought and by reasoned thought, the atheist has concluded that he knows that there is no God.The ability to reason is something that all men have access to. Reason is what we use to determine the truth

Tom Schuckman

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