Monday, July 5, 2010

The 4th of July.

<<< Tom on the Left, dark hair, at the EM Club in Camp BearCat, RVN, with buddies of the 240th AHC. 1970.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!! My wife and I enjoy the Parade down Main Street, Union Grove, WI, and I have seen and been in MANY other parades all my life.
I remember marching in a 16 man front formation in Germany while in the Army in early 1968, in our dress green uniforms, and that was cool. We also marched in a 16 man front from our company area at Bien Hoa Air Base to the chapel when 3 of our men [Army] got killed [and 13 wounded] about 40 yards from MY tent-- from a rocket attack in late 1968-69- USARV- 357th Helicopter Maint. Co. [Vietnam]. You'll forgive me if parades and marching stirs up old memories in the military-- and many Vet's purposely avoid such events so as to keep a cap on their emotions and well hidden phobias/ PTSD, etc.

About the new "No-Smoking Ban in Wisconsin" indoors, that just took effect today.... I can see both sides because I used to smoke for 5 years of my life when I was younger. I thoroughly enjoyed smoking cigarettes and 'believed' that it helped to reduce some of the stress in combat- Vietnam. But a wise man told me that I would 'have MORE self-control AFTER I gave up that nasty habit.' I don't mind saying, that habit was hard to give up, and for some folks, smoking and drinking are almost as hard as drug use to give up! But it CAN BE DONE! If I can do it-- YOU can do it too. No man or woman has EVER died from lack of smokes! After you have quit for 2 weeks-- it's all in the head-- desire. But I am not going to beat that drum today, nor will I ever look down on my dear friends who still have that habit, because I love my friends too much. Yet, the Holy Spirit WILL ENABLE US TO STOP PRACTICING ANYTHING THAT IS UNCLEAN OR WRONG! Ask the Father in Heaven to send the Holy Spirit to us for strength to stop wrongful desires!! He is powerful and mighty! PTL.

How ever, my wife is on Oxygen all the time, 24/7, and cannot be near open flames or cigarette smoke, because she stands that risk of bursting on fire, and her lungs are barely doing their job-- being damaged so far as only putting out a mere 15% capacity. I don't care for that smoke either, and most people respect my wishes. And to think that so many workers smoked on the assembly line at AMC/ Chrysler Motors in Kenosha, WI., most of my tenure for 30.5 years! Shame! Pity! I quit smoking in 1973, and never looked back with any desire or regret. How do people afford $$$ cigarettes now days anyway??

But let's be honest now--- didn't we Saved, Born Again Christians give up a lot of bad habits and practices after we first learned about the Lord and the Bible?? We don't really think that the God of the Bible wants to with hold the "good things" from us, do we?? As a loving and intelligent Father, He wants us to be happy and healthy--even FOREVER! Our earthly fathers didn't allow us to feed on just candy and ice cream for breakfast every day of the year, or allow us to play with poisonous snakes, did they? Real Love doesn't work that way. Let us strive to be BALANCED and sensible as we near the Rapture time, and ever lasting life in heaven with the Lord.

I know that every 4th of July, innocent blood will flow on Wisconsin's high ways, and DUI's too. But Christians ought to know and practice MODERATION and common sense. Please stay SAFE this holiday-- so that we can continue to email and comment on each others' blogs and journals.
I know the cowards with "no name" won't email me, but I love to get emails and comments from ALL MY FRIENDS ON THE WEB!! Take care.

Warm Regards,
Tom and Sharon Schuckman

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