Friday, July 9, 2010

Beware of overbearing Social Workers.

Tom's Journal.

I just need to pass on a negative event that might help my many readers and friends, please. We are still putting the puzzle together and filling in the gaps, but we KNOW that there was a conspiracy to probe us by 'local powers.' And if you LET PEOPLE WALK OVER YOU--THEY WILL! Unfortunately, you have to be on guard and fight for your freedoms and liberties until you die and go to heaven! Sad... Pity... And the only way you can win is to be educated and informed. Like my poor stressed out wife really needs more stress and punishment after all her surgeries and procedures these past 2 years.

We can pretty well guess who was started the whole thing, a certain female cardiac doctor at St. Catherine's hospital in Kenosha, WI. Sharon is going to fire her soon and get a male heart doc, because the woman has been caught in a lie, and we will not deal with liars. Doctors and Nurses want to be fawned over and receive special adoration and treatment by us insignificant peasants, when in fact, THEY are some of the greatest liars. They figure the end justifies their means-- just like politicians. Sorry folks, this is America-- not the 12th Century England, with barons, dukes and overlords. Dr. Silzeni, the female "heart doc" who tried to implicate me as being verbally abusive to my wife,and some unscrupulous 'medical people' love to ferret out info from a half drugged patient to start their witch hunts, my wife, for example. That doctor or the case worker probably contacted Aurora Visiting Nurses who set up a number of visits to "help" my wife in her home recovery, part of which was good and necessary. But along with a nurse's aid and RN to help Sharon bath properly and gets her medications in order-- they 'planted' Mary Kressin MSW [a Social Worker] who was asking Sharon very invasive, personal questions that had NO bearing on the status quo, and I could see where she was going/ probing. I was just sitting in the other room patiently listening, so I could learn and help-- but then I decided to move into the discussion, and that's when the Social Worker, Mary, got excited and defensive.

We fired her for her overbearing, pushy, unprofessional conduct here in our house. Remember, Sharon and I have an agreement to act as Patient Advocates for each other when one mate is not feeling well, and I take Sharon to most of MY doctor visits too to help me. And Sharon was getting so stressed out by the two women that she burst into tears twice! But then the next day the RN Kristen tried hard to stick up for her friend and co-worker, Mary Kressin, the nosy social worker.. 3 times she tried to get her friend re-instated and get me to change my position, and we smelled a rat at that point. Then the next day someone sent a Social Worker, large black male, Reggie Brown, from Racine, to our house, and he was very nosy and wanted to speak privately to my wife, which we did now allow. He would not answer my direct questions, so I kicked him out of my house and told him never to come back. Hey, this crap was mounting up and becoming more stressful on my wife [AND ME-- and I have PTSD] who already has serious heart problems!! If she has to go back into the hospital because of all this harassment, I will take all the offending parties to court!

My main point, having dealt with a few social workers [and some are very good and helpful] is that the Liberal Left agenda is to mess over as many innocent people are they can-- while avoiding the real culprit and abusers! BEWARE! The last thing my wife wants is to be removed from our home and sent to a nursing home! If you don't play along with the big high and mighty doctors and social workers wishes and ways-- they have the means to punish you!! Do the research and know your RIGHTS and FREEDOMS-- before we all lose them all to the Socialists.... and they don't seem to be very friendly to Christians, either.

Friends, please tell us, comment or email us, if you have had similar problems with aggressive, overbearing, belligerent, so-called Social and 'Medical' workers.
Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Tom and Sharon Schuckman
Jesus is Lord.



Heli gunner Tom said...

Mark H. said:

Be cautious my friend they can be very powerful, as there is no end to there finances and the court systematically seem to sway to there side against us.

(Col 3:2) Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Penny Perez said:

Dearest Tom and Sharon,
I am so sorry to hear this has happened to you. We know of your love for each other and for the Lord. We are standing in prayer with and for you. I have also been in the hospital recently for uncontrolled blood pressure. I was so pleased to know that Sharon is home with you. Love you in Christ, Penny & Rob

Anonymous said...

Tom you have said nothing wrong in your post.
You told about what exactly took place in our home.

I love you more than ever Tom.