Monday, July 26, 2010

Emergent Church Lies.

Tom's Journal.

I have to tell you guys and gals, that most of these Emergent Church folks are pretty sly and slick, and even tried to charm me these last 6 months. THIS IS THE REASON WHY WE STUDY THE BIBLE ALL THE TIME-- FOREVER! To guard against the machinations of the devil, when he is most serious, diligent, working over time, because he KNOWS that his time is short! Figure it out, the devil KNOWS that soon he and his demons will be thrown into a deep, dark pit/ abyss, for 1000 years, and then be released for a short time again to mislead people on earth, before he is 'dealt' with forever. Now... tell me, please, who do you think would be better trained for war and battle: the soldier who is drilled, trained, well disciplined, well fed, clothed and equipped with the latest multiple weapons technology by the experts -- or some lazy, stupid, drunken bum who just got dragged off the street --armed with a wet noodle ??
... Well, for those simple people who think that they can just slip by at the last minute to get Saved, who didn't want to miss any TV, entertainment, fun, frolic,mischief, or sleep- in late on Sunday mornings after their drunk parties, etc., ---they just might have a rude awakening of being 'Left Behind' after the Rapture.

Hey! I well know that some things are not only hard to understand, but down right "dry" and boring, but we can't just choose to skip out, cut class, drop out, only to do our own thing, and party down! The following short piece of info will explain why.

Sharon feels a tiny bit better today, but still has problems listening to good old Dad. {me}, LOL. When she doesn't do the right thing, she falls again and wonders why. She was going to try and use a CANE today instead of her walker, and I stopped her saying that was just a bad idea. You see, I am the one who always has to pick her up, and my back is aching too! Satan's 'Women's Lib and female independence ideas, has probably sent plenty of females to hell and an early grave. After this goes on day after day, sometimes I blow my cork, imperfect man that I am. IF I had a healthy wife with common sense, I could prob. rest more easily and let her do the work, chores,etc., but in Sharon's current condition, she has to be constantly watched and waited on so she doesn't compromise her spine again or fall and break her hip of head, and make things worse! This is my burden and duty-- to care for my spouse, and I know that Sharon would do the very same for me.

But... never wish that you had another man's wife who 'appears to be better,' -- because that other man might really have a 'wild cat' by the tail with a mate that is worse than your own. That goes for wives too. Ha! Only a mature man who has been burned a few times will be able to get you these pearls of wisdom-- as I am teaching my own son, who is in his mid-30's now... lol. And won't your son respect you more-- after he 'falls down and skins his knee, or worse...?'

I was having a great time on Face Book today, but you have to be careful not to put out too much 'information about yourself or your family, or post pix.' And for those folks who thought we were 'conspiracy nuts' or dooms-dayers, we are proving our notions and [the Bible] predictions TRUE in these 'End Times'! You just can't go wrong with God's Word. "Big Brother" is getting more powerful every day in a Republic that we THOUGHT would always remain Constitutional with Justice for all. Satan has all the 'animals' in the jungle running scared, wondering why and how this could be happening, and how they [mere humans and political parties] can correct the situation. But they are wasting valuable time and energy!! True Christians KNOW that these terrible things MUST happen to fulfill bible prophecy!! ONLY GOD CAN AND WILL CORRECT THESE THINGS ON EARTH via His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. No one can or will be SAVED unless they accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Period. Do YOU know of any friends or relatives who might need this sort of information?? If YOU don't have the correct words to share or warn them with-- MAYBE you might consider forwarding this post to them.... hint - hint...
It's sunny and dry where I am in S.E. Wisconsin, USA. PTL.

Tom Schuckman

Heaven, Hell, and Emergent Heresy

Posted: 25 Jul 2010 01:42 PM PDT

By Eric Barger Take A Stand! Ministries When one does a careful evaluation of the teachings of Emergent leaders, such as Doug Pagitt, Rob Bell, and Brian McLaren, it becomes apparent that they do not believe that Heaven, as described in the Bible, actually exists. Even clearer is their denunciation against the notion of a literal Hell. Their focus is only on the "here-and-now" existence of this


Heli gunner Tom said...

Kevin said:

Lies? They are out right heretics!

These two articles you might find interesting. This emergent scene makes me sick.


Oh and the book, is a book a leader of a huge building wrote.


These guys make my blood boil!

Carolyn said...

Tom, you know I've been writing against these people since the days of AOL journals! They are leading millions of people to hell, and they are NOT believers. I have heard the feminist movement in the church as well, and I believe there were good reasons for Scripture teaching against women pastors. I know a lot wouldn't agree with me, but I don't care. The feminists have twisted scripture out of their beliefs in "help mates" and men in general. They have a real problem with submission to men, believing wrongly it means men can do whatever they want. It's not that way at all, but you'd never believe it listening to a feminist "christian". What galls me are those who believe they are doing the Holy Spirit's work when they allow gays to marry, gay pastors or approve abortions etc. If they believed in the Word of God, they would admit this is satanic and NOT the Holy Spirit!
I do pray for these folks to come to a true faith and belief in Jesus- the WHole Jesus, not just the happy hippy peace and love Jesus. God Bless you Tom, and keep it up!