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The Modern Twist.

Tom's Journal.

This subject, as many of you good readers already know, really piques my interest! Mike and I are on the 'same page' in the 'same book' and we both love to use the DEFINED KJV Bible! You can easily get an inexpensive copy of only $15, at:

I always remind my smart friends NOT to throw away their other, perverted bible versions, but to keep them to compare-- side by side, to see the big difference. Satan hides in many churches, misleading many, in these Last Days. Beware! Satan also has his sentries standing behind every high and lofty head of state in Gov't-- and yes, in D.C. and the WH too-- in BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES. Friends, we "judge" a tree by it's FRUITS, by people's actions and deeds. Only God can read the heart-- but God has enabled us to see the actions of others.

It's 'politically correct' to slam Christians for telling the TRUTH of the Bible--God's own Word now days with the country leaning toward Socialism and corruption. the Lefty Libbys love to misuse the term, "JUDGE" so they and the wicked are not set apart from normal folks. The wicked want to "BELONG" and be respected in society, so they misuse the word 'JUDGE'-- that we are all sinners and they say that NO ONE CAN JUDGE. They are wrong, of course. Serious sins and reputations ought to be noted and brought to light, especially those who are heads of state who have so much power over the common man and nation! The fact is that we should use our God given, bible trained minds to discern and reason on things and compare actions to what the scriptures actually say! This is NOT rocket science, friends. The wicked and corrupt only want to be 'accepted' in society, but that's nothing new. Same with the Gay community, etc. You can drag a pig out of a mud wallow and clean it up-- but it's still a PIG. The Women's Lib thing wants to feminize the males in our society and forsake our God-given roles as loving and just heads of the family. They are actually going against God's arraignment and sinning by changing and forsaking their own roles as females as they want to become aggressive and manlike! This too is a perversion. Beware. God loves women and wants them to be loved, protected, and respected, the biblical way, for they are 'Co-Heirs' with men in heaven and Saints too if they believe and accept Jesus Christ, and act the Christian way.

Tom Schuckman

Proverbs 24:16 – The Modern Twist

The Modern Twist Indeed

by Mike Hernandez

With each of the different modern bible translations on the market today, they corrupt this verse by removing accountability from the person that falls into mischief willfully, and instead places blame directly on the condition that surrounds them. This change therefore allows the individual an excuse for their actions, and removes blame due to their wicked intentions.

For these individuals who wish to claim ignorance in the sight of God, they will be in for a rude awakening on the Day of Judgment as God does not excuse ignorance, and they will be judged.

With that being said let’s look at the changes in this verse in detail. Before we do however, we need to understand that mischief is defined by ones behavior, whereas calamity is based on a situation or event that occurs.


n. pl. ca·lam·i·ties

1. An event that brings terrible loss, lasting distress, or severe affliction; a disaster: A hurricane would be a calamity for this low-lying coastal region.

2. Dire distress resulting from loss or tragedy.



1. Behavior that causes discomfiture or annoyance in another.

2. An inclination or tendency to play pranks or cause embarrassment.

3. One that causes minor trouble or disturbance: The child was a mischief in school.

4. Damage, destruction, or injury caused by a specific person or thing

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