Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time to make the Donuts.

Tom's Journal.

Good Day, Friends and Readers! I have so much to do today outside and preparing for Sharon and I to attend a big yearly event-- the Racine Co. Fair tomorrow! That thought stirs up warm memories of my farm life and 4-H days when I used to show my own beef cattle, get awards/ ribbons and then sell the animals for a fat price. My brother, Albert showed his hogs and horticulture/ veggies too. I used to sleep/ guard the 4-H Beef Barn at night to make sure the animals didn't get loose or get stolen. They were worth a lot of money. And we would enjoy checking out the brand new tractor and other farm implements that could make farming an adventure, fun, and easier, but some of that equipment was worth more than our house and farm! Ha!

I was mentored by some smart, mature people, to 'LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE' instead of getting side tracked by myopic, tunnel vision, wastes of time and mundane routine work. And, yes, I may have been accused of being a 'dreamer', unrealistic, or having an over stimulated imagination. But I found out many years later that 'deep thinking' and imagination was KEY to solving complex welding and construction problems in the field [and in my life] as my old welding company flew me and a team or riggers/ welders to AZ, NC, etc., to do big erecting/ steel construction jobs.

I listed some critical social problems down below just to illustrate how easy it is to be 'side tracked' and distracted by daily living and challenges in everyday life. Many folks figure that some way/ some how, things will just work themselves out and then stick their heads in the stand or have a few martinis [serious alcoholic drinks] or smoke some 'grass.' However, it has become painfully apparent that counties like Greece and Iceland have gone bankrupt -- having to get 'bailed out' -- and many more countries are on the 'edge of the cliff' ready to go belly up! It is my opinion that most Americans don't know what I am talking about-- and we are living in very dangerous times, and on the brink of chaos, revolt and self destruction! I just balanced my check book and I know when I cannot afford to buy anything more until 'payday.' But the Gov't doesn't know or care about such things. We are borrowing something like 47 cents on every dollar our Gov't spends! Hello! What's wrong with this picture?

Jesus own words in the book of Matthew, chapter 24, verses 37-39 have important application for US today, right now! "But as the days of Noe [Noah] were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noe entered into the ark. [39] And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

The people in Noah's day were doing normal everyday things, BUT THEY MISSED THE BOAT, because they thought Noah the servant of God was crazy and ignored his warning!! Jesus thought that this true story was so important that He kept issuing this strong WARNING that has application for us today! Some unbelievers call 'Noah's Flood' a fairy tale-- and in so doing, they are calling Jesus Christ a liar! I would call that a dangerous sin, and they are headed for the highway to hell.
The pastor said in his sermon last Sunday, that those 'Left Behind' will know that God Almighty will have Raptured up the 'Church', the Elect, the Saints sleeping in death, and then His Saints who are alive right now...... but those 'Left Behind' who will face the horrible Great Tribulation, will still shake their fists at Heaven and God! I, personally, have the 'fear of God' and would NEVER do that! But I am going to heaven because I am a servant of Jesus Christ,and He is my Lord and Savior, unto death. AGAIN, it's never through our 'perceived goodness,' or 'works' that we attain heaven. The ONLY way to heaven is through the firm belief and acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ! There IS NO OTHER WAY!

So if past and present administrations/ Gov't said something false and ignorant, like: "All religions lead to God -- that's is NOT scripture-- and certainly NOT TRUE!!" Those who are too lazy and stupid to actually read and study the Bible will end up in a bad way-- sooner than they think. I think that it is good to periodically re-examine ourselves to make sure we are on the 'right course.' Also, many 'false prophets' are springing up to mislead the world of mankind, and without proper Bible knowledge, many will be tricked, fooled, and swept away, and 'left behind'. If you say you really love some body, the way "God loved the world" [See: John 3:16] DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, and open your mouth for something righteous and true BEFORE the proverbial "Door of the Ark slams shut!" If someone had a gun to your head-- I bet you all could do most anything... LOL! 'Time to make the donuts!'

I am so tired that I could just go back into my comfortable bed and sleep the day away-- and then all night too. But Sharon and I will go outside and try to get her $30K power chair to work right, for the Fair tomorrow, etc.

Thank you all for the prayers, comments and kind words of encouragement.

Tom and Sharon Schuckman

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