Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time to Rest.

Tom's Journal.

Well, the day didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would, and I will take my wife to her doctor tomorrow instead. Maybe, just maybe, all my friends, the nurses, etc., can now convince Sharon to use her walker ALL THE TIME, look straight ahead with her eyes wide open, and pay more attention to how she walks. But I have insisted that we communicate BETTER when ever she needs to go somewhere, walks some where, always carries a cell phone, and a whistle around her neck on a case she has another tumble. Her RN named Ann came over today and helped Sharon a lot, and Ann is very nice, polite and professional. Stuff like her always falling down and injuring her self really upsets and stresses me!

I still got a lot done today, like paying bills, buying more paint, some repairs and a few calls for help and assistance, and a repair man named Jay came over and installed a new furnace/ A/C motor today. We had a few minutes to chat about the DEFINED KJV BIBLE, and I gave him a free, medium sized copy today. I call that "seed planting." I could really use a full day off to 'recharge my battery.' I am so happy that my son, Andy, came over, unbeknownst to me, and almost finished the house painting-- but I was very surprised that we ran out of paint again! I bought another gallon today earlier, thinking that would finish the house, but we fell short again, and now we figure I need to buy 2 more gallons of BLUE paint, and one gallon of white trim paint- semi-gloss, and that will amount to $60 more ...HA! But the place looked so good that a guy running for Racine County Sheriff asked if he could plan his sign on my front lawn...LOL. But I first asked him "what flavor he was"... what party, and he said Republican..... so that was OK. Glad that some folks appreciate our good taste of 'Superman BLUE', and handiwork. So Andy thinks that we have about 90% of the house done, plus the white trim, and he will tackle that Sunday... if the river don't rise. In the mean time we will have rain for the next 3 days, in S.E. WI., and many parts of Wisconsin are having flooding problems-- but our old house is safe.

Now --- We all knew and thought of the distinct possibility of Mr. Obama shutting down all opposition to his agenda, and personal past, via the InterNet some day-- but now it looks like his 'machine' is already doing that, as the article below illustrates. I just want to say that many of my fellow Patriot/ Veteran, and Christian friends are right with me and behind me -- telling me that I am doing 'God's work' in sharing the Bible/ Gospel of Jesus Christ, and much good has been accomplished with my [almost] 800 Blog posts to date. What the current administration is doing is quite illegal by seizing Domains, Property, Blogs, Web Sites in good standing !! Jack Kinsella does a good job explaining what is happening, and how things could escalate and shut down Patriot and Christian Blogs/ Web sites. WHAT A LOSS OF FREEDOM AND LIBERTY IN AMERICA! But... if you have a immoral porn site-- don't worry-- that's OK... according to the Gov't... Ha! Woe to them who are saying: 'Good is Bad-- and Bad is Good.' There will be a day of reckoning. God will repay. But can we just imagine what will happen after the Rapture comes, and the Tribulation begins... the Holy Spirit will be with drawn, and the only things that will drive people 'left behind' will be money, materialism, survival, and lust! People will look back at the Summer of 2010 as a Paradise, compared to the violent sewer they will be forced to live in!

But, in the mean time, Christians will just have to find a different mode/ vehicle, of sharing the Good News of the Gospel, and there are different ways that I can personally recommend-- but none as prolific as the InterNet.... sorry, folks. And for those who continue to pray for our national "leaders" in the USA, it sure seems to me that Satan has a death grip on those in high Gov't places... but that is my personal opinion.

Getting Sharon in the truck tomorrow should be a trick, but the truck holds/ carries my power scooter so that I can accompany her into her doctor's office. I sprung my right knee, sitting down the wrong way yesterday on the picnic bench, and hyper extended it. I think it will heal in a week or so, but getting up and down right now is a bummer. Many of my good friends and buddies are having health challenges too who are in their 60's and older, so we all groan together, and thank God for all His gentle mercies.
Thank you, Joe and Doris van der Mullen, for coming over so early and helping my wife get off the floor. I was trying most of the morning, but didn't have any success. My back is shot too-- but now I require my wife to wear her "Gait-Belt" so I can lift he if she falls or loses her balance.

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord, and Heaven is my Home.

The Internet Obamanation

Posted: 21 Jul 2010 02:11 PM PDT

By Jack Kinsella. The Omega Letter The US federal government recently "took action" against several websites connected with movie streaming and peer-to-peer file sharing.What "taking action" means is that the federal government has ordered a free blogging platform taken down by its hosting provider on the grounds the website has a "history of abuse."In order to shut down the handful of 'offending'

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