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Abortion is Murder.

Tom's Journal.

I have done a lot of stupid horrible things in my life... but abortion is NOT one of them. And yet, God is so merciful, that He forgives all sins if a person repents and accepts JESUS as their personal Savior!! This fact took many YEARS to impact MY tiny brain, as I was weighted with many sins, nightmares and flashbacks from combat in Vietnam: 68-70. What a huge load off my shoulders and chest!

As I mentioned a few times, my wife and I used to picket at a Kenosha, Wisconsin abortion clinic a few years ago, before we got too disabled. I even carried a Bible to show young ladies what Gos has to say about how precious life is to Him, and we also showed people how to get other alternative care to keep their child or adoption... a few blocks away. Yes, we WANTED to get involved in some way!

I can't tell all my deeds and goals, but when over in Vietnam flying a DCS mission, listening to a song, I dreamed of 'surviving' that war, coming home and starting my own family, and did just so. I wanted to settle down, get married and have children-- and so we did. My first born was Barbara, and I loved her dearly and wanted her. Please pray that she accepts the Lord and gets SAVED!

No matter what goofy trends or 'accepted life styles' the world gets into, or what is 'cool', God's Word, the Bible stands forever. Those unrepentant workers of evil who refuse to accept Jesus will suffer beyond mention in hell, forever. I doubt if there will be any beer or smokes down there...

BTW, I always had the 'fear of God', but had to pray for the Holy Spirit to help me change my heart and mindset to draw closer to the Lord and love His Word-- the Bible. You would be surprised what the Holy Spirit can do for you!! Just talk to Him and ask His help. Ask Him for a brave heart to share stuff like this: Pro-Life News Report

Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Current Headlines

Democrat Pushes Bill to Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research After Ruling
Florida Voters Back Pro-Life Candidates Rubio, Scott; Set Up Abortion Battles
Alaska Voters Pass Measure for Parental Notification Before Teen Abortions
Catholic Bishops Welcome Ruling Striking Obama's Embryonic Stem Cell Funding
CBS, NBC Issue Biased Reports on Embryonic Stem Cell Research Ruling
Next 40 Days for Life Prayer, Fasting Campaign Against Abortion Largest Yet
Pro-Abortion Republican Lisa Murkowski Losing to Pro-Life Joe Miller in Alaska
California Senate Race Tied, New Poll Shows as Boxer Loses Lead to Fiorina

West Virginia Pro-Life Group Endorses Republican Raese in Republican Primary
Minnesota Positive Alternatives Program Helps 13,000 Women Avoid Abortions
British Pro-Life Group Saddened New Figures Show Teen Abortions Up in Wales
Pro-Life News: Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Rhode Island

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Democrat Pushes Bill to Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research After Ruling
Washington, DC ( -- A member of Congress who has been the leading advocate for forcing taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research says she plans to move ahead with legislation that would make such funding federal law.

Representative Diana DeGette, a Colorado Democrat, is responding to a judge's decision issuing a temporary injunction against the funding President Barack Obama mandated through his executive order.

U.S. district court Judge Royce Lamberth granted a preliminary injunction against the funding.

Before the ruling, DeGette had filed legislation intended to codify Obama's executive order and overturn the Dickey-Wicker law preventing taxpayer funding involving the destruction of human embryos the judge used to stop Obama's order.

Although the Obama administration has announced it will appeal the decision later this week, DeGette wants Congress to consider her bill and she may push it hard because the makeup of Congress is expected to change significantly in the pro-life direction after the November elections.

DeGette hopes her bill will come to the floor when Congress reconvenes following its August recess.

"[The] ruling underscores why we must pass common-sense embryonic stem cell research legislation, placing these regulations into statute and once and for all, ensuring this critical life-saving research can be conducted for years to come, unimpeded by political whims or naysayers," she said.

She claimed, "Today’s ruling is the case of one judge ignoring the scientific fact that research on pluripotent stem cells is not the same as research on an embryo."

Congress already twice approved a similar bill DeGette sponsored to mandate embryonic stem cell research funding prior to Obama's election and President George W. bush vetoed it twice saying it "crossed a moral boundary."

Full story at

Florida Voters Back Pro-Life Candidates Rubio, Scott; Set Up Abortion Battles
Tallahassee, FL ( -- Florida voters backed pro-life candidates for Senate and governor on Tuesday night and set up battles pitting pro-life and pro-abortion candidates against each other. In the gubernatorial race, pro-life Republican candidate Rick Scott defeated Attorney General Bill McCollum.

And in the Senate race, pro-life former House Speaker Marco Rubio is now preparing to take on pro-abortion Gov. Charlie Crist and pro-abortion Rep. Kendrick Meek.

Scott took 47 percent of the vote to 43 for McCollum in the Republican gubernatorial primary.

Scott, a businessman, ran as a pro-life candidate during the campaign and Florida Right to Life gave him an "A" grade and recommended him to voters.

"I am pro-life. I believe strongly in the sanctity of human life. I believe Roe v. Wade should be overturned, and as governor, would appoint judges who apply law and not impose their political agenda on the people, which was what was done in 1973 when Roe was wrongly decided," he says in an audio file on his web site.

Florida's pro-abortion Chief Financial officer, Alex Sink, captured the Democratic nomination to face Scott in November.

Meanwhile, in the Florida Senate race, pro-abortion Rep. Kendrick Meek picked up the Democratic nomination over billionaire Jeff Greene to face pro-life Rubio and Crist, who has repeatedly upset pro-life advocates.

Polling shows Meek was the best candidate for Rubio when it comes to a Democratic nominee because he draws Democrats away from Crist in surveys. Rubio stretches his lead over Crist to between 5 and 8 points with Meek as the Democratic candidate.

This week’s Democratic-affiliated Public Policy Polling survey shows Rubio leading Crist 40 to 32 with Meek picking up just 17 percent and 11 percent remaining undecided. Full story at

Alaska Voters Pass Measure for Parental Notification Before Teen Abortions
Juneau, AK ( -- Alaska voters easily passed Measure 2, a ballot proposal to allow parents in the state the right to know when their teenage daughter is considering an abortion. The state will now have a law requiring abortion practitioners to notify a parent of a minor girl 48 hours before performing an abortion on her.

With 84 percent of the vote counted, 70,503 Alaskans voted for the measure while 56,354 voted against it. That had parental notification winning on a 55.5 to 44.4 percent margin.

Alaskans for Parental Rights spearheaded the effort while the ACLU joined Planned Parenthood in opposing it.

"I think that Alaskan parents are concerned. They want to be there for their girls and they want to be there even when the going gets tough," said Bernadette Wilson, campaign manager for Alaskans for Parental Rights, according to the Anchorage newspaper. "And I think we sent the message loud and clear that we want to care for these girls, even those girls who come from unhealthy home environments."

Charmaine Yoest, the president of Americans United for Life, applauded the result.

"The people of Alaska have made it clear that parents should have the fundamental right to be informed before their children make a life-changing decision to have an abortion," she told this morning.

Alaska becomes the 37th state to require parental involvement before a minor can have an abortion. Full story at

Catholic Bishops Welcome Ruling Striking Obama's Embryonic Stem Cell Funding
Washington, DC ( -- The nation's Catholic bishops weighed in today welcoming a federal judge's ruling striking down the executive order President Barack Obama issued requiring Americans to pay for embryonic stem cell research that has never helped patients and involves the destruction of human life.

The Obama administration has annou

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