Sunday, August 8, 2010

Canning Tomatoes.

Tom's Journal.

I just read where the mosquitoes in Wisconsin have been aggressively building up their armies BIG TIME this year, from all the wetness and heavy rain this year. And the next 3 days will bring more rain to our locale. PTL for my nephew, Steve Schuckman, coming over yesterday to pick our whole garden of veggies, some for Sharon to can and preserve! Thank you, Steve! On thing certain-- the Schuckman clan is NOT lazy, but usually educated and hard working with a work ethic passed down from our German ancestors hundreds of years ago before they came over on the boat to America-- the LEGAL WAY!

Sharon and I missed church today, and both of us were banged up and sore from over doing work yesterday. I surmise that my right side ribs felt as if they were broken again-- following that horrific motorcycle crash in 2001, when some 'Middle Easterner' wearing a turban on his head, pulled out right in front of me with his pick up truck--actually ran a stop sign and fractured 12 of my ribs in multiple places..Ha! Perhaps he saw the American flag on my denim jacket and felt a jihad coming on. Sharon's back is killing her today, and she told me last night that she wouldn't make it to church. That's really the one day that I get to visit with my Christian brothers and get the spiritual food and fellowship, so I seldom miss.

I did accomplish sharpening all the kitchen knives so Sharon could cut the veggies, etc., then brushed the dog outside, dragged the garbage to the alley, did some painting, all yesterday, and the TV don't work yet... I always thought [or dreamed] that if a good man worked furiously on a Saturday from dawn to dusk, fixing, repairing, cleaning, organizing the house, garage and yard-- that he could take it easy for a few months....Ha! The only trouble with that 'dream' is Murphy's Law. But the Bible has a lot to say about such things too, in the books of Proverbs, and Eccl. God has provided some great Christian friends for Sharon and I, PTL! And the Lord Jesus has provided a beautiful home for us in Heaven-- actually for ANY ONE who accepts Him as their personal Lord and Savior. Really now, that is not so hard to understand or do-- but few will choose that cramped and narrow path. So why do most of humankind still put their faith in the 'sons of men and nobles..?' Just like, the Israelite' s already had Jehovah [Father God] as their Lord and King, but they insisted on having a HUMAN king like the surrounding heathen nations, in the time of Judges, so He gave them what they wanted-- King Saul... read 'em and weep.
[1st Samuel 12:12]. The Jews are still apostate and stiff necked to this day, not accepting the Lord Jesus Christ [generally speaking]-- but the Bible says that they WILL turn from their apostate ways, and soon! They are STILL the 'apple of God's eye' and His chosen people, and real Christians ought to love and accept them!

I hear, see and feel the voices of other Christian bloggers --stronger now than ever, and we are all pretty much on the same page, and this is reassuring. This too is Bible Prophecy fulfilled. Seems like we were all waiting, wondering and pushing for Prophecy to come true-- but God won't be pushed, and NOW things are happening so fast with a 'vengence' that our eyes are bugging out! Worry about goofy, mundane, short lived human politics SECOND-- but Salvation and God's Will FIRST!! Wise old King Solomon said this very thing at the end of Ecclesiastes.

Sharon wants me to buy 2 more cases of quart jars for more canning and that means running 22 miles to the 'big city.' The price of gas went up to $2.77 which is still cheap compared to what it WILL rise to in 6 months...IMHO. I was telling my big boned nephew, Steve, yesterday, that if I thought I would live 10-20 years more, I would have HAD knee replacement surgery YESTERDAY and for free, by the VA.. if I trusted them not to cut off the 'wrong anatomy'...Ha! Such is my Faith that something big is brewing in the Middle East between Israel and it's heathen, hostile neighbors who are armed to the teeth and surrounding Israel right now with all kinds of threats and hostile incursions/ actions... and the Rapture is near. I guess Steve [and I really like him] is tired of hearing my 'rants of the Bible', but I told him... 'if millions of people 'vanish' someday soon, he ought to know and understand all I've told him is TRUE and SACRED... but it will have been too late to catch the 'RAPTURE ship' at that point.' Most folks want a 'human king' that will lead them to prosperity and the continued sick kind of lifestyle they wish to live in now days. BTW, is the Gov't really helping the spread of HIV/ AIDS by encouraging more 'Gay' activity by allowing more Gays to join the Army and marrying....Duh?? And I suppose that Steve's Dad-- by brother, Albert, has some influence upon what he thinks too... never caring much about spiritual, biblical things--Esau and Jacob. On the other hand, we don't ever want to give up on our unbelieving friends and relatives, but show kindness and respect and set a good example... just as Christ would.

I have recently made a ton of new friends on FaceBook, even from South Africa, and hope they can visit my blog some time. They are all Christians, and I am learning much about them... interesting!

The pic above is Sharon a year ago, canning more tomatoes in the kitchen. You go, girl!

Where Does The Name Come From?

Q. What is the meaning of Yahweh or where does it come from?

A. It was against the law for the Jews to speak or write the Lord’s name except for one day each year when they spoke it 7 times in a Temple ceremony called Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. When they wrote His name they used 4 initials to represent it. They were JHVH. The King James translators put LORD, all in caps, where the initials appeared. Somewhere along the way vowels from Elohim,which means God, and Adonai, which means Lord, were added to the initials forming Jehovah. Later it was determined that in the Hebrew language the four initials are pronounced Yodh, He, Waw, and He. Because of this some say Yahweh is more accurate. But the truth is no one alive today knows God’s actual name. After the Temple was destroyed the Yom Kippur ceremony changed and they no longer spoke it. Scholars estimate it was eventually lost to the memory of man in about 300 AD. Today Jesus is the name above all names (Phil. 2:9-11).


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Dirk said...

Hello Brother Tom,

Yes, I too believe the Rapture is imminent. I also think Israel will hit Iran soon, with or without U.S. support. Without it, Israel sadly will have to send a lot of its fighter pilots on one-way trips, but it will be done rather than let their homeland be destroyed by President Man-I-Need-A-Job.

Everything as come together with pinpoint accuracy just as described in Bible prophecy. But, not many churches preach that anymore because most people don't want to hear about any kind of judgement. People would rather satisfy their carnality & go where ever they want, do whatever they want, say anything they want, live however they want rather than striving to live a Holy life. Many would rather hear that everyone is going to Heaven as long as they try to be a "good person" or go to church.