Monday, August 2, 2010

The Real Crisis.

Tom's Journal.

Every once in a while I find an article/ post that gives me a different slant on things that are so in-line to our time period/ 'Last Days' today. This certainly has a bearing on my every day life and future planning, investing, spending and expenditures. The old adage that I may have over used: "Why polish the brass on a sinking ship??" certainly applies right now in August of 2010. When true Believers and servants of Christ are Raptured up to heaven-- who really cares about our material things left behind? Sure, we need to keep our property clean and in good repair, but... is this really the time look into long term investing or buying a string of luxury houses all over the world to keep up the appearance of being cool and fashionable?

My wife and I need the central A/C to keep us healthy with our health concerns and ailments, but I wonder if I really needed to paint the house just because I got tired of the dismal old Actually, the color is about the same as THIS blue type I am using right now, and it sticks out in our conservative rural small town in Wisconsin. But the Main Street is under going a "beautification" campaign, so I suppose I am fitting in well.

I guess I am always '2nd guessing' myself and worrying too much about the 'small things' when the BIG things of the fast changing world are more important. What is of great interest to me is the subject of perhaps the majority of so-called 'Christian' churches in the USA -- going apostate by serving up a bland 'feel good', materialistic type of Gospel, and I know of such churches in our local! Personally, I think that they are missing the point and going astray. What is worse is that many churches are STILL trying to promote political parties as having the POWER to change things on earth to replace God's promised Salvation and divine promises and prophecies!! Only Jesus can and will bring about the proper change. And how about the Gay and Illegal Alien agendas? Not to mix religion with politics, but the Liberal agendas of today do have a direct bearing on our Freedoms of Speech and Worship... as guaranteed in our Constitution.


The Real Crisis

Posted: 02 Aug 2010 04:01 PM PDT

By Terry James. Rapture Ready. Politicians currently in majority power in the United States government have steered the American ship onto the deadly, rock-strewn shores of economic ruin. They have used the rudder of crises to do this dastardly deed.They first created, whether unwittingly or deliberately, the so-called Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac housing disaster. They, in effect, made it mandatory

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