Monday, August 2, 2010

VA Visit.

Tom's Journal.

I had to keep a VA Hospital appointment today for a blood draw and exam-- lost a few pounds and lowered some cholesterol, but my BP was up-- "white coat hypertension." I try to hide my strong dislike of even being there as I always have to be on my guard, to articulate perfectly when I am talking to the staff. Sorry, I trust them NOT. I will be looking for a new health giver there-- a MALE PCP, who might be more sympathetic for ortho/ arthritis pain, etc. It has been my experience that the female staff don't much care if you have terrific pain every day or not. Until the RAPTURE comes, I would like some sort of relief so I can have some sanity and mobility, so I don't have to pray and 'psych up' every time before I get on my feet.... LOL. Don't worry, things on earth will only get worse-- just as the Bible says. Yet mankind still thinks that positive 'Change' will come about by "human hands" and intellects...LOL..Ha! They still don't understand what extreme WOE will shortly come after the Rapture....

I usually carry a bunch of pocket bibles in the power scooter basket when I visit the VAMC in Milwaukee to give to interested Veterans... but the carved wood sign hung on the back of my seat...of: Philippians 1: 21, "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." -- gets a lot of attention. It's a witness in itself and I get many favorable comments on it all the time. And when that happens I like to leave a bible tract or small bible with them, but I kind of ran out.

The traffic in the big city is snarled with so many air heads on the phone, not paying attention, plus the perpetual road repair and construction in WI... but I just have to learn to put up and shut up about that, it's never going to change. What got to my mind and heart today was all the pitiful older Veterans I saw who were in much worse shape than I was. Amputees in wheel chairs, the infirm, dying, crippled, disabled, deformed by war and surgery. At least they are getting some modicum of medical care from the VA. It all made me think of how blessed I still am. I also felt that many of the Veterans were lonely and depressed, and we all have respect and courtesy for each other, as they nod their heads and smile at me as I wear my Vietnam Veteran cap and have a few insignias on my power scooter and shirt, and tattoo on my left shoulder that includes: "Jesus is Lord", ---that reflect having been a helicopter crew member, etc. I still hold our collective camaraderie dear, and if a specific group of Americans need to get Saved-- it's the Combat Veterans!! I have personally made that one of my main goals-- as much as I can.

Well, the mosquitoes in my back yard have come home to roost, and I MUST pick veggies in the garden TODAY, and drag the trash out to the back alley tonight.

Time to kick back and fellowship with my wife. She seems to be getting better ever so slowly, but her back still gives her plenty of pain.

Tom Schuckman

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Carolyn said...

Tom, I can't imagine that getting needles stuck into your knees every couple of weeks would be good for anyone's blood pressure! I am an absolute wimp when it comes to pain, and the thought of what you and Sharon must feel every day makes me cringe. God Bless you both, and I'm glad she's doing a little better. Go enjoy some of your veggies! :-)