Thursday, September 9, 2010

Even the Elect--Beware.

Tom's Journal.

Sharon felt the need to just get out of the house for a while today so we took the dog in the Ram 4 by 4 with us to Kenosha, WI, on Lake Michigan and went to The Spot Drive-in for some old style hamburgers, and tall cold Root Beers. Then I let Sharon use my power scooter chained down in the back of the pick up truck and gave her 2 -$50's to get what we discussed and wrote down from the grocery store. Yesterday, the VA docs actually told me to start eating more read meat-- for iron, as my tests showed I was down in that Hemo category! I give Sharon a lot of latitude and freedom, but she really needed to "ride" in my power scooter, 'Golden Avenger' which can haul a big body like mine and go fast! So now we are all back and resting/ chilling out.

Back at the ranch, continued from yesterday's post... the conservative. biblical Christians in the 'KNOW' believe and caution the rest of us to just be vigilant and BEWARE of false prophets showing up in these last days when things are going to move radically, and perhaps some very slick, smooth talker who has big time charisma and likability, will rise up from the masses and 'capture'/ hoodwink the crowds who are tired of being ripped off by the present administration and Congress!! At the same time, some how, quasi- 'christian' religionists will twist and contort the true Gospel for a false gospel!

My main thrust here today is about a possible 'swing' to the opposite political side, just like what happened to Germany in the 1930's, and believe me the economic situation is identical and 'RIPE' in America. After the 'apology tour' of the administration trashing America, this country is RIPE for Nationalism and so-called Patriotism. Now... how does this matter to real Christians? It would be very easy for Christians to be caught up in this new struggle and stand-- Patriotism. Yes, we WANT AND NEED to stand up and fight for what is right and our precious freedoms so we can work, live and worship according to the Constitution [that is now being shredded], and we ought to vote for the person who best defends our way of life. But new radical movements can and do 'take off' will so much religious fervor and exuberance that sometimes people jump onto a band wagon that latter takes away the very Freedoms it promised to save! And in the mean time that Satan is 'distracting' us with all of this razzle dazzle, the Day of the Lord draws closer, and many 'main stream large churches' lose their REAL Gospel and identity to Jesus! This is all scriptural-- see Matthew 24... Jesus' own words.

If we were shipwrecked on a small island without food or water, and another ship finally came to rescue us-- would we not be very thankful to that captain and crew for saving our bacon? But the new captain may not have our best interests in mind... but might sell us into slavery instead. Satan is identified as an "Angel of Light !" He knows his time is short and he is making the best of it dragging down and capturing as many of us as possible right now! He is so smooth and sly, misleading humans for the last 6000 years though EVERY CONCEIVABLE METHOD!

It just may be the 'small' churches and/ or private homes of true Christians where we will get the right protection and spiritual food-- because the rest of the "New Order--One World Religion" will be the corrupt false gospel of the One World Gov't. Please ponder on this. Even some of the "Elect" could very well be misled, if they don't walk with their eyes wide open. So... when some biblically un-taught 'new Christians' say that they are Saved, and then sit on their back sides, too lazy to take in the Word of God daily or start following the real Christ-like life looking toward heaven instead of lapping up the goodies of this corrupt world--- I shudder! IMHO, we all need to be strong Soldiers, always prepared, and well studied, for what's ahead. The Master will come when we are not expecting His arrival.
And I don't think I will be watching too much more of Glenn Beck.

I think that the churches really need to define the term, CHRISTIAN, in the strictest, Biblical sense! Now days it's nothing but a 'buzz word' and tossed around lightly-- misunderstood. A Christian is a follower or imitator of CHRIST! Christians would want to know and understand the Bible so well that they can give a good defense for it and their Faith, able to witness to others with ease and total conviction! You have to ask yourself every time.... 'What would Christ do in any given circumstance??' And so, what then, should WE do??

God Bless all students of the Word and followers of the Lord Jesus, and Him only.

Tom Schuckman

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Carolyn said...

Hey Tom- I'm glad you and Sharon are doing OK and able to get out and about once in a while! Reading your post here, brought a couple of things to my mind. You know I respect Glenn Beck as he has taken a LOT of flack and threats for his program the last couple of years and his not just telling, but showing how things are happening. That said, and still I do respect also what he tried to do on 8/28- but his bringing the Mormon God and Jesus into so much of it, he has become some sort of religious leader now. Maybe he didn't ask for it, and I'm not saying he's anything other than sincere about his love for Country and his God. But something the guy who was filling in for him on his show thismorning said perked my ears. He said that people have been calling Beck and imploring him to condemn this Koran book burning church. He said this shows that Glenn is becoming a religious leader as well. This disturbs me because of the same things you write about here. People of all denominations and religions are so into being tolerant that many are willing to follow another belief for political or peace reasons.
Too, I do see after reading so much, many things which are practically re written from the history books of what happened in Germany before Hitler.
I don't know how long it will be before Jesus comes, or how much His own will have to deal with in the chaos coming, but at least we still have hope in Him, if we stay True to Him.
Anyway Tom, excellent post my friend and brother! God Bless and I hope you both have a beautiful weekend. I have and will continue keeping you both in my prayers!!