Wednesday, September 15, 2010

United World?

My good son, Andy, paints the house BLUE.

Now, today, after the fact, we decided to call off and cancel our 'spur of the moment' shoe string 2 day vacation up North in Door County, Wisconsin, where there is a wonderland of fishing, fish boils, boating, vine yards, etc. It would have been a 3 hour drive. But Sharon is so bad that she can hardly carry herself from one room to the other these days, and I didn't feel like loading and unloading the truck after a long drive. We are supposed to get our credit card money $$$ back in 24 hours that we used to reserved our motel room... after a lengthy phone call. That place up North is famous for it's cherries and fine food too. I just love cherries, and they are said to be good for arthritis! Too bad hard working folks can't enjoy some of the money they saved up thru the years because of disabilities. The motel that where we stay allows our Rottweiler, 'Deuce' to stay with us, but he is a 'service-animal' and well trained, and we are both disabled. Northern Wisconsin is so beautiful in the Fall, and people are friendly.

My son, Andy, came over to do some chores for us today, clean, and off load some of his things that he wants to safe keep, and the garage is so clean that a person could live in it... in fact many people do just that. I remember that my maternal grand father in Milwaukee, had a large "garage" with a hay loft, and horses below. And when my own parents bought a farm, it came with many "out buildings", milk house, corn crib, machine shed, grain-ary, tool shed, and the big red barn. We had our own underground gas tank and pump too. Those were the good old days. I consider my son very intelligent, skilled, educated and handsome, and I think that the Lord has brought us together for a reason right now. Proverbs 27:17 says, "Iron sharpeneth iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend." ~KJV. That means -- two good people help and sharpen each other-- they compliment each other like an Arkansas Black Stone sharpens a quality Cold Steel knife.

I bought my first MP3 player today, but mostly for the recorder-- Olympus digital recorder. I have not read the book yet, which is such a tiny type/ font, but I figure any young kid could prob figure it out in a heart beat... lol. I figured that I might record some good old hymns and my own guitar and singing. The unit is so small and fits in the palm of my hand-- got it at Radio Shack!

Are Christians supposed to 'work for a united world ?' There are many scriptures where Jesus tells us that 'we are NOT to be a part of THIS earthly world.' Actually, the real god of THIS world is Satan the devil! As usual, I can prove most everything I say about the Bible, like most other true Christians. You see-- there really is NOT a 'lay people' -- just some who take the lead in our congregations [Christian churches], "older men" -- elders and deacons. Which leads me to another timely and most important subject that slipped my mind until now. Brannon Howse [well known Christian preacher/ speaker on Radio, etc] was saying that we ought to start more 'leadership courses', meetings and church education, if and when persecution becomes stronger in our own country [which it already has]. Here is why: In the event that the main pastor is taken away to prison or worse, or we have to go 'underground' and scattered, we NEED others to take the lead, and over sight, conducting smaller 'house meetings.' Actually, that is just how the First Century Christians started out... See: Book of Acts, etc. See: 2nd Timothy 3:16.

So, now, I want to tie this all in by saying that REAL Christians are no part of the world... See: James 4:4. The world is 'fond of it's own.' If a church or religious group is loved by the world/ Gov't, general public--- something isn't RIGHT! People hate us because we are honest, clean, pure and we follow the Bible as much as we can as human sinners-- until the Lord comes to Rapture us up to heaven. It's NOT that we publicly scold, intimidate, reprimand or humiliate other people in the world.... our mere presents makes them uncomfortable!! We will not conform to their brand of 'fun', immorality, abortion, perverse conduct and gay agenda! We also have sort of a 'language all our own' that 'worldly people' cannot understand, and their eyes are blinded as God allows them to simmer in their own stone cold stew of willful ignorance and ungodliness. So, although we already live in a sort of 'heavenly paradise', knowing that we are indeed SAVED by the blood of the Christ, we also know that the world of Satan hates us and would rather see us blow away and die. We need to keep this in mind when some 'rising star' or super 'Evangelist' carries many away with their silver tongued words that fill us full of nationalist pride [perhaps after Obama falls or is a 'lame duck'...]. BTW, Sharon and I both voted yesterday in WI., although we KNOW that this old world is doomed and days numbered--- however, we believe that we ought to vote for the best possible person who respects the U.S. Constitution that allows us FREE SPEECH, [1st and 2nd Amendments], and FREEDOM OF WORSHIP... as long as possible! We are happy and glad that 'better, more honest people' are elected-- but for Christians, this is only a temporary thing on earth for us. Who knows how God will maneuver things to bring about His will?
And the devil has his own plans too.... but hardly the power of the Father in heaven.
If you all want to fight-- fight on God's side.

Are We To Work For A United World?


Q. I’ve only just now heard of the Bilderbergers and their theorized attempts to enact a world government. Should I view this group and other groups that have the same intent as sinister groups automatically? Are we as believers urged by Scripture to not aide or engage attempts to unite the world? A. The Bible [...]
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