Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pray for the Homeless Combat Veterans.

<<<< The Milwaukee VA Hospital.

This is bone chilling. Please forward it to everyone on your mailing list. It is worth the time.

No worries today, mate? Well, that's good to hear... but I had a short brush with hard times [as I tell my story once in a while-- NOT bragging, either] in the Winter of 1994-95 shortly before I got called back to work at Chrysler in Wisconsin, and it was like having a contagious disease like leprosy where no one wants to know you. That was when I truly found the Lord Jesus Christ, kneeling on the floor of my rented one room crawling with bugs. I only had 2 friends at that time: GOD and the VA.

The reason I think this subject is timely is that I believe that many nations including ours will experience much harder times in the very near future.. no matter who gets elected in 2 days!! Yes! We are that deep in debt, stabbed in the back, sold down the river by the "One World Gov't Globalists" and many of them in Congress!! I actually HOPE THAT I AM WRONG-- but everything and every honest research/ study points to the negative. Real, Biblical Christians have something special working for them: GRACE from the Lord God. So what ever comes down the pike-- we have that hope and trust from God, that He will keep His promise to us.

Sharon is doing well enough at the nursing home-- as I saw her again today after church, and I brought her fresh strawberries that she loved to pieces. I suppose that others must envy her having a good hubby to take care of her. I may hire an attorney to look into the "other" nursing home [Grand Prairie Rehab- Kenosha, WI] that neglected to give her the necessary medicine that messed her up royal-- and then they tried to lie out of it. Her own doctor told her to take action.

I told her, and many others NOT to be surprised if the Gov't, State and the VA cut services and health benefits after 1-1-2011, and many employers too. I am NOT a rich man-- and all of us except the very rich will prob. suffer--- BEWARE and BE READY! Ya know, Christian friends-- it would certainly behoove us to start planning ahead right now, stocking up and get into NETWORKING. You don't want to wait until the tornado or hurricane is upon you! Your neighbors may have something that you need-- and visa versa. But DON'T TELL EVERYONE WHAT YOU'VE GOT IN YOUR HOUSE, and only talk to people you trust with your life. In fact, I am going to mention this very thing at church-- to a few friends, just for starters. Tell me what you think about this, or how you might go about doing it, please.


This is pretty interesting/depressing and may make you angry. It was on "60 Minutes" last Sunday, but I didn't see it. However, a friend sent me this CBS link. We have a smaller "Stand Down" here in Chicago every late summer. I worked it a few years, but haven't been able to in a while. Back then, they were mostly Vietnam Vets.
Lammie Chicago Viet vet

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