Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Al Gore's outlook on Ethanol.

Tom's Journal.

So... what else do you think those nerdy, dishonest Lefty Dims lie about...... duh.

If the 'good guys' in Congress don't get crackin' --the Dims will try to pass more monstrosities under the radar before the first of the year -- instead of dealing with the fiscal running of the Gov't and the Bush tax cut thing!!

As the nurse practitioner [NP], Joe, gave me yet another physical exam and 100 questions at the VA Hospital today, 'pre-surgery check up', he told me that after the operation I would HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT, or the new steel knee/ joint wouldn't last long. I asked him: 'Are you a Christian?' He said, 'Yes.' And I answered that I was seriously hoping that the Rapture would be coming SOON. Joe said, 'No, I don't think the rapture is coming so soon-- and we will be going to have a lot of suffering first before it comes.' Well, I said, 'obviously I am taking care of business today because I can't handle the pain of my messed up, 'bone on bone' arthritic knees, Rapture or not!' Every person has to weigh both sides of the issue and decide if their 'quality of life' and mobility are being sacrificed and lost-- and who is going to take care of ME, my dog and wife?? Surgery is my very LAST choice-- and I am at the end of my rope, so I finally opted to take the chance... and I certainly heard enough horror stories about the wrong anatomy being cut off by accident-- and we know how the VA likes to cover things up... Ha! Two of my best friends got butchered with joint replacement in the last few years, and I am wondering why they didn't sue the pants off the guilty docs and staff! But how can you sue the Gov't / VA ?? I am NOT AFRAID OF DYING, but I just don't want to walk away worse than when I came to the hospital.
In the end I will just leave things in God's hands-- and I can live or die with that final thought. The bottom line is, "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." ~ Philippians 1:21. I am in Christ for the long haul. He is my God, and I am His soldier.

Al Gore’s outlook on Ethanol

Al Gore’s outlook on Ethanol

Al Gore, the former US president has changed his view on ethanol as he said the he supported only tax breaks in the alternative fuel to pander to Tennessee farmers and the state of Iowa. Al Gore during a green energy business conference in Athens said the program which one he said has been kept alive mistakenly by the lobbyists.

According to report Al Gore said he had made a mistake because of giving more attention to the farmers in Tennessee and fondness with Iowa state farmers as he was trying for the president post. The corn ethanol subsidies credits expires end of this year but the Congress can renew $7.7 billion annual program. The corn subsidies opponents expect it will remove the valuable food products as the US ethanol industry will increase the corn price. Gore has credited a different factor for the food pricing issue having an effect on the biofuel.

During this year ethanol production is expected to have consumed 41% of the US corn crop and global corn crop by 15%. The corn crop production is expected to fall this year crediting to the decrease to the increase in corn price. According to report, USDA’s world outlook board discovered that quality of corn production has improved livestock weights, etc even though there was lower production level. The percentage of corn has an effect on food prices as the contest on food prices is true.

The report also added that Al Gore expressed less concerns over second-generation ethanol production and third generation which don’t compete with food prices playing an important role. Noel Sheppard has said that if anyone question about Gore’s motives on the climate change movement giving a Nobel prize. Gore supported a policy ten yrs ago as he expected that it would support him to become president but media don’t expect that he lied the threat of global warming to become full, Sheppard added.


Heli gunner Tom said...

Staley said:

My prayers are with you, your wife Sharon and your dog my Brother. I feel just the way you do about getting medical help but I pray the great Physician will be in total control of your surgery. Bro. Staley

Carolyn said...

Just like a liberal, compassionate as they are...taking food from the poor to fuel cars no one wants.
Tom, I am and have been and always will keep you and Sharon both in my prayers, but lately I will pray peace in your heart and mind about your up coming surgery. God Bless!