Sunday, December 26, 2010

Being Saved Vs. Bearing Fruit.

Tom's Journal.

As I have said so many times--- YES! There IS a difference between been SAVED Vs. Bearing Fruit! When we truly have the Holy Spirit, we are bold and take the "bull by the horns" to SHARE the Gospel of Jesus Christ with ALL who have a hearing ear-- but also others who remain UN-believers in this world. But no matter, NO one can say that they never had a 'chance' of being witnessed to! God is Just... and God is Love. If I [we] have the means/ power to save a person from drowning, or able to stop the rapid blood loss of a person in a accident, would we not do what is right?? We are made in 'God's image' with LOVE being the foremost dominant quality of God and man. Christians shouldn't have any second thoughts or reservation when some other person is in dire need in a life or death situation, IMHO. And I pity those so-called 'Christians' [or CINO's] who will not MAKE the time to study God's Word, the Bible! Woe to the person who has tasted the truth and salvation of Jesus' free love and salvation-- but will not lift a finger to help his fellow man! Shame! Oh, does it encroach or put us out of our 'COMFORT ZONES ?'

Well... I am happy that my son, Andy Schuckman, stopped over today to help me with the washing of my clothes, dishes, and steaming my fresh Asparagus and Broccoli, etc. Then my good nephew, Steve Schuckman, dropped off his wife at the in-laws place and came over to watch the football game, and I ordered a huge pizza. He also did some chores for me and we had a good visit. His wife studies the Bible and also raises and shows horses, and is working toward her Vet degree. I only wish I could 'manage' my extreme pain issue, but will call the Milwaukee VA tomorrow, along with many other chores that got side tracked over the holidays. I really need to ask the surgeons how I came to have a huge 'dent' in my right shin......that nobody wants to talk about...Hummm. It still hurts like crazy too. Seems as if someone whacked me with a piece of steel, but never bothered to enter that fact in the Post-Op report. Yes, I have many questions. It's been 21 days and still very little pain relief. Something is not right! And I LOATHE ever going back into surgery there at the Milwaukee VAMC, on 5000 W. National Ave. Milwaukee, WI. I feel that I have GOOD reason to make that statement... and know my rights. but I feel that I should 'tread lightly with such a huge, powerful entity as the VA administration. On the other hand, I believe that they like to intimidate and scare some Veterans to keep them quiet and docile. Just my personal opinion.... Please, If any other Veteran has a true story about their own mis-handled surgery at a VA facility, pass it on to me, as I want to make a private, personal assessment and record. I will ONLY publish such documents with the Veteran's written permission.

I bet I will sleep good again tonight-- as I normally do--- as I know what herbs to take to remedy sleeplessness, and bring on sweet repose until morning-- just ask me, privately, but do your OWN research and study as I have done. Deuce, the Rotty, loves just about everything that I eat, including green, fresh veggies, pizza, etc., even though he has a full bowl of dog food that I pay lots of money. Poor guy lost weight at brother Albert's house... But I also know about all the harmful foods that should never be fed to dogs and cats--like chocolate, etc.... from years of study. Good to have Deuce home again, faithful servant and buddy. So far, I lost all my documents, pictures, and music- songs after I got my PC out of the repair shop..... Ha! It never fails... lol. I need to call that PC repair character tomorrow too. Isn't it pitiful how all the service people just do the bare minimum these days and rip your off? Not to be negative-- only telling the bare facts.

Tell me what you think about this new blog post, please. I love to get your comments.

Tom Schuckman

Being Saved Vs. Bearing Fruit


Q. You’ve said you believe in the parable of the Sower that the seed on the ground and the seed in the rocky places are those who did not get saved, but that the seed that fell among the thorns are those who did get saved. There are other teachers with this interpretation, of course. [...]


krissy knox said...

wrote you a comment, tom,

it didn't fit, LOL. will send you an email.

liked your post, very interesting, but i am still sending you a Q, LOL.

krissy knox

Real cab driver said...

In my life, I've known a hand full of people who have wrapped themselves completely in religion. They all talk about the future, the future after they die, and what they're going to get. If they could go to a Christian grocery store I think they would.

Why are there no Christian grocery stores then?

Many years ago, I was in a shared garage where 6 of us split the rent. It was a pretty cool deal at first, and it's where I learned most of what I know about fixing cars. One of us, Terry Trombley, was into being a Christian.

Soon, all of the people in Trombley's church were bringing their cars to us for repairs. Everyone got credit, because they were Christians, and they were Trombley's friends.

Last time I saw Trombley, he had a good job behind a parts counter in a NAPA store. I went back to delivering pizza's. Trombley's friends never paid, and were never persued for payment, I'm sure they all thanked the almighty for their free car repairs.

I think Christians are the same as everyone else, some good, some bad. Some use the almighty as an excuse for their behaviour, and some set an example you'd want your children to follow.

The almighty? In my faith, it is profane, or if you will, disrespectful to actually say god. Do I cover my head? No, I'm not that religious, and yes I will eat a pizza with Canadian bacon on it. But referring to the almighty is a really simple thing, so I do it.

I like your blog, and wish you well with all your challenges.