Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Interpretation of Matthew 24-25.

Tom's Journal.

Some of my readers must wonder WHY is it that Old Soldier Tom seems to have so many knock down, drag out fights, confrontations, trials, and aggravations... Ha! It may be that I am more 'verbal', articulate, with a good aptitude with words, and SUPER ACTIVE-- even when I am down and convalescing/ healing. From young on, I always loved to read books and learn new words-- but I also liked to hunt, fish, woodwork, sports. play guitar in a few unknown rock bands [small potatoes] and girls, and LOVED MOTORCYCLES! Some of my treasures, values, priorities have changed over the years, and that's OK. After I retired from my "day job"-- Chrysler after 30.5 years, I decided that I could afford to go into realms that I could only dream of when I had to punch a clock most of my life to pay the mortgage and bills, raise the family/ kids, and I always wanted to WRITE, publish, Blog, teach and share with others.

I still have the 250 page manuscript of 'my book' that I started, about my life, war and stuff-- but after I found the Lord [or He found me...] all the "other things" seemed to drift away-- took a lower priority-- back burner. I felt so thankful and glad after I found out that I would surely go to HEAVEN, after I was Saved and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior -- that I felt the Holy Spirit tug on my heart to serve the Lord Jesus Christ as much as I could before I died or got Raptured! Go figure... once we die or get Raptured-- we will never have a second chance to do the important Lord's work on earth again in this sharing the Gospel capacity!! And how will we account for all our time on earth to the Lord?? Being a lazy coward, not taking a stand for the Truth, or sharing the Bible, the Gospel to all that we can, instead of working so hard for material things, watching the goofy TV or getting stupefied with too much drinking and smoking, etc. And when I got into PC's/ computers/ InterNet, it only made sense that my talents lent themselves to spreading the Word to hundreds of people-- rather than a few dozen by 'snail mail.'

Today was a busy, roaring day for me, as my German house keeper came over to clean the house from top to bottom. And then my good nephew, Steve Schuckman, came over to drive me around to do lots of important chores. I negotiated the buying of a used three wheel, power scooter-- Golden Avenger, after they "repair shop" Bella home medical care in Kenosha, WI-- Sheridan Rd., told me that my old Avenger was kaput, obsolete, they didn't make that motor anymore, etc. baloney. They had another used Avenger on consignment for $2900., but I took the owners down to $2500., and barely scraped up the cash to buy it, but most of the store 'hired help' evaporated/ disappeared for lunch, and after we transferred the cash and paper work, the scooter would not run, even with new batteries!! Didn't these simple, half dead "Pro's" know that they had to CHARGE the new batteries...duh? I instructed Steve to EXPECT Murphy's Law and total incompetence! That is NOT being NEGATIVE or mean-spirited--- that's reality in this modern age of today!! It's also SMART! So then the goofs told me that they would transport BOTH power scooters to my house tomorrow, free of charge. Ha! What a way to do business! I only wish I would have kept $500 back until they brought the scooters to my house and proved it worked-- I told Steve, trying to teach 30-something Steve some proper, smart business practices ! I am only trying to help my family learn some smart business practices that will help them after I die. When you give the seller the money-- they figure that they can just slack off and jerk you around like a sucker-- it's been my past experience. You WANT TO TRUST FOLKS-- but a good buyer/ businessman ought to know better-- what and what not to do. My Dad taught me a lot of good stuff too when I was a kid on the farm.

We went though the drive-thru at Popeye's chicken [Steve never had that good treat] prior to the scooter, and then went to get my Dodge Grand Caravan 2005 Title cleared at the local DMV. I paid the car off years ago but procrastinated in getting the Title cleared, so two people already called me up via CraigsList that my son set up for me last night, and they were "bitting" already! Came home finally, and then my PT man, Mr. Lim, a fine Philippino gentleman, called to come over in an hour for my Physical Therapy, and he is a great guy and we get along fine-- but he put me through my paces and worked my knee good! Ouch! A visiting nurse from Kenosha County will see me soon concerning the large scab on the side bridge of my nose caused by too much rubbing/ irritation from my CPAP breathing machine these past few weeks. What next, Lord ? I thanked Steve, hard working man, just laid off from a good paying, skilled job in IL., on Dec. 17th, and gave him some gas money. He's a big handsome guy too and strong/ smart. He has been a true blessing to me lately. I pray that he finds the Lord soon too.

Well, I still have lots of calls to make tomorrow to light fires under the slack jawed, slow movers behinds-- who have their heads in the clouds. Man! What a huge difference from my past working days when workers knew the value of hard work and discipline... lol.
Deuce is always happy to see my friends and relatives come over, including the great, cleaning lady, Suzy. The trouble is, the vast majority of my true friends who will help me and lend a hand are NOT from my dinky little town, Union Grove-- except for a few great saints like Bill Lee, and Joe Vander Mollen, etc etc.

Please pray for my dear friends, Captain Robby Bohnen, my dear wife, Sharon, Steve and Barb Brulport, Bill Tippet, who is dying of heart concerns and Agent Orange, Dick- from Hawaii, Joe and Doris Vander Mollen, Bill Lee and wife, my cousin Wanda Jane Becker from Hays, KS, who has a cruel, goofy, myopic, boss man my son, Andy, Debbie from Kenosha-- knee pain, etc.
Thank you!

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

An Interpretation of Matthew 24-25 (Part 4)

Posted: 29 Dec 2010 03:31 PM PST

By Dr. Thomas Ice Pre-Trib Research Center Since I have shown in previous installments that Matthew 24 is a future, end-time prophecy, the next issue to tackle is when will verses 4 through 14 come to pass?There are two major views that futurists, like myself, tend to hold. First, some believe that verses 4-14 refer to the inter-advent age - that is the time between Christ's first coming and the

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