Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Staley writes

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This is exactly why we need to search and study the scriptures DAILY! Lest some silver tongued man comes upon the scene in these 'LAST DAYS' and steal our joy, and sow 'weeds among our planted pure wheat crop!' That is just how important it is to NOT sleep though church or be lackadaisical sitting in front of the boob tube-- TV. And yes, sometimes I have to whip my own behind to get back on course and do what is right, the Lord's work.

Sorry, but I am depressed and frustrated now because my 'new bionic steel knee' won't heal faster and without the Post-Op PAIN meds that I sorely need from the slow- slack-jawed VA....., although it is healing ever so slowly.... lol.

My good son, Andy, was over today helping me sell my 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, with only 43K miles on it, and he put it in CraigList, and I already got an email and call! But these are hard times with tight money. I am also considering selling my house in Union Grove, WI., looking to move back to the-- Kenosha area, it's just a small town with it's advantages like less crime and lower insurance, more peace and quiet-- but also there are less 'assets', friends, help, people that you can depend on in an emergency. That's just the 'nature of the beast' --NOT trying to run people down or hurt any one here. I have a few Christian friends who are dear to me, but they are over age 70, 80, and really can't be expected to do physical things, and I am getting to that level now too, especially after the KNEE SURGERY. The real truth comes out when you are helpless, laid up from surgery, and then you know and understand where your REAL FRIENDS ARE-- or are not... lol. I don't expect folks to rush to my beckon call or whim, I just know from experience that you will have to "think or thwim" [sic]. I just want to enjoy some of my well deserved retirement, before that blows away in the wind too..... perish the thought. But... God's Will be done, dear Lord. God correct me if I am wrong-- or wrong headed. And He always does... great Lord and Master of mine.

Andy picked up a phoned -in hot meal of Roast Pork dinner, mashed potatoes, gravy, and veggie for me about noon... and it was the FIRST hot meal I have had in a long time! PTL! Been living on apples and sardines, TO LOSE WEIGHT, etc. Now I feel full for the first time in a long time. Andy helped wash my clothes, worked on my PC, got the mail, and many other things that I would have struggled to do, when he is in his mid-30's and full of energy and strength. Without Andy and my nephew, Steve Schuckman, and folks like Bill Lee, and one of my best friends, Joe Vander Mollen and his fine wife, I surely would have been worse off... SOL. [surely out of luck..]
Thanks to my old buddy Bill Tippett, who served in my old Army-Vietnam unit-- the 240th AHC, BearCat, RVN, for giving me good advice today about the VA, etc. Please pray for him and his failing heart, and Agent Orange.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Staley writes:

My Bible teaches me that Jesus is coming to raise all the dead bodies of those who have died believing in Him since He took all of those from Paradise with Him at His Resurrection. Their souls will be with Him in the eastern sky and those who believe in Him and are alive at that time their bodies will be changed in the twinkling of an eye and they will be caught up with those bodies going to be reunited with their souls where JESUS is. As soon as all are gathered with HIM HE will take us to heaven to enjoy the seven years Marriage Feast Of The Lamb.
At that time the seven years of Tribulation will begin. The first three and a half will be peaceful but the last three and a half will be more horrible than our minds can comprehend. In Matt. 24 Jesus tells the Jews, and all others, who refuse to believe in Him what they can expect.
1st Thessalonians 4:13-18 tells all believers what will take place for them prior to the tribulation period. I don't wast my time reading what those who think they have figured it out to happen some other way write.


Heli gunner Tom said...

Staley said:

During my 53 years of ministry I have been with and visited many people who have had your surgery. Most of them have said the same thing you just said but after the pain was gone for a few months they changed their minds and most of them got the other one done.I do wish you could have it done in another hospital though. Having caring people around you means so much.
Other than being limited in what we can do for JESUS' cause and Kingdom and some muscle cramps now and then Jerrie and I don't do much suffering. I thank GOD for that because I don't do suffering well.
My JESUS I am coming to YOU on behalf of my Brother and YOUR servant. I pray YOU will touch with that all physician hand of YOURS and take away the pain and let the healing come quickly. He has so much he wants to do for YOU and his precious wife. It is in YOUR name JESUS I pray. Oh yes and he and I are joining in a prayer for his friend Bill Tippett. We likewise ask YOU to heal him also. Amen

Real cab driver said...

Many years ago, I worked with a guy who had been a door gunner. His name was Earl Ray Riddle. He came home without a scratch, though some of the stories he told, kind of made me wonder if he was still human. A lot of things we do when we are young only become memories that haunt us many years later. We all have them I think.

Back then, Riddle's life revolved around a really fast Mo-Par product that was fire engine red. I wonder if he's ever questioned some of the things he laughed about doing. If he has, I sincerely hope he was able to say to himself, it was the right thing to do at the time.

When I first moved to Wisconsin, a couple of my first friends were from Kenosha. Good people. I wonder what ever became of Rick Kamin. He used to describe his dad, Dick Kamin as a fellow who was buying up blocks of slums in Kenosha, and was the only white guy in the neighborhood.

Union Grove has always seemed like a nice town, but I've only driven through it. I'm in a small town in Dane County. Slowly, I make friends here, and so far, with the exception of one fellow, all have been wonderful. I don't see myself ever moving back to Madison.

Nice cutting torch in the photo. I have one very much like it, mine's a Smith. Will you have a shop in Kenosha? If you won't, I'm sure you will miss having one, but all decisions in life are a trade off. Nothing is free.