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Hi Friends,
Another super exhausting day at the Milwaukee VA hosp. today for me-- x-rays of both knees again, and a head to toe physical with many questions [2nd time] by a NP -Nurse Practitioner named "Joe." He told me that I had an umbilical rupture that ought to be looked at soon, and said that I need to lose weight! Joe! What? Are you really sure that I need to lose weight??? Duh. Well, YES! I already know that I need to drop 100 pounds! Hey, Joe! Did you know that there is 800 pound gorilla on your back? Hey, I'm just kidding... but it irks me when people insult my intelligence-- as if I didn't know that the man in the mirror was huge and FAT-- that trips my trigger! Duh... Short of surgery, who has the magic pill to lose weight in America? Half of America would really love to lose weight, don't you think??

At least I have a valid excuse since I retired from over 30 plus years on the AMC/ Chrysler assembly line [that was keeping the weight off just standing up all day and sweating my buns off WORKING!]. But the last few years were a real bitch struggling with bad, painful arthritic KNEES and BACK, but I finished my time and got the whole pension and benefits! [Thank you, Lord.]
I did get some good news today-- I have been thinking about re-joining the old YMCA about 22 miles away in Kenosha, WI., but I got an advertisement in the mail today about a Health Club just a FEW BLOCKS AWAY FROM MY HUMBLE HOME IN Union Grove! Wow! Having been a power lifter for most of my life-- that is just what I need right now-- and after my knee surgery, for Rehab, and maybe the VA can give me a voucher for my new membership! I'm excited! PTL. The Health Club is said to be open 24/7, and is called: SnapFitness, and I will visit them tomorrow, for sure.

We are going to celebrate my wife's birthday on Dec. 4th-- tomorrow night at a German restaurant, and I am jokingly calling it our "Last Supper" -- because I will be in the hospital soon enough, and eating some of their "food." I need to stop drinking soda pop too... but I don't eat that much for a big guy.
I had 3 pieces of VA hospital's chicken today, and that was it! I had an apple and banana when I finally got home, and I feel full and content. My brother and sisters are heavy too... so I believe that most of our challenge is genetic. I was tall and skinny when young until I hit age 35, and weighed about 165 over in Vietnam: 68-70. Good thing God sees the heart of a person instead of the appearance... lol.

As I was driving home from Milwaukee about 2:30 PM, I heard on Christian radio, WVCY-America, 107.7 AM, that Al Gore rescinded/ admitted that his prior stand of green house gases and 'climate change' were politically motivated and false! Scientifically, proven, it takes more money to make corn into fuel than is profitable in the long run. People are starving to death in some countries for stupid agriculture/ Gov't policies that are NOT economical!! Hello!
If this is so-- how many other lies were put forward for political gain?? We are seeing a lot of 'dirty laundry' come out lately, are we not? I bet this is only the tip of the ice berg, friends. I need to do more research on this subject.

Al Gore’s outlook on Ethanol

Al Gore’s outlook on Ethanol

Al Gore, the former US president has changed his view on ethanol as he said the he supported only tax breaks in the alternative fuel to pander to Tennessee farmers and the state of Iowa. Al Gore during a green energy business conference in Athens said the program which one he said has been kept alive mistakenly by the lobbyists.

According to report Al Gore said he had made a mistake because of giving more attention to the farmers in Tennessee and fondness with Iowa state farmers as he was trying for the president post. The corn ethanol subsidies credits expires end of this year but the Congress can renew $7.7 billion annual program. The corn subsidies opponents expect it will remove the valuable food products as the US ethanol industry will increase the corn price. Gore has credited a different factor for the food pricing issue having an effect on the biofuel.

During this year ethanol production is expected to have consumed 41% of the US corn crop and global corn crop by 15%. The corn crop production is expected to fall this year crediting to the decrease to the increase in corn price. According to report, USDA’s world outlook board discovered that quality of corn production has improved livestock weights, etc even though there was lower production level. The percentage of corn has an effect on food prices as the contest on food prices is true.

The report also added that Al Gore expressed less concerns over second-generation ethanol production and third generation which don’t compete with food prices playing an important role. Noel Sheppard has said that if anyone question about Gore’s motives on the climate change movement giving a Nobel prize. Gore supported a policy ten yrs ago as he expected that it would support him to become president but media don’t expect that he lied the threat of global warming to become full, Sheppard added.

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