Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Turkey making Plans with Israel's Enemies.

Tom's Journal.

I respect and promote the "camp" of sincere, honest, biblical Christians, like Michael G. Mickey, who constantly match biblical prophecy with current events.

Has my adherence and love for the Bible kept me from enjoying life and living it to the fullest most of my adult life?? No. In many ways God has blessed me, except when I acted rebellious and try to live independent from the Word [the Bible] in the past. I have been so close to death several times AFTER Vietnam, breaking my neck, 12 ribs, ankle and many other mishaps and 'close calls'. Conversely, when I try to follow the Bible more closely and support sharing the Gospel, and contribute what money I can, etc., I have been blessed all the more! I don't live in a modern fancy house, but it's cozy, warm, clean, and has central A/C, with a big back yard, veggie garden, etc, a small wood shop in the basement.

Some folks think that unscrupulous characters are getting rich by warning people about the 'End times prophecies,' but I say, "What is wrong with putting some emergency things, and commodities aside for some unexpected 'surprise ?' I am not missing out of any excitement or action by staying close to the Lord Jesus Christ, and He is a good source of protection and love-- and everlasting life. What human can match that? I think my 60 years on earth has given me a pretty good understanding of human frailties and tendencies. I want to trust and like people, but even so-called friends have back stabbed me... LOL. Like Glen Beck recently said, "What human can you really trust with your life besides you family and wife?" God has NEVER broken any of His promises, unlike most politicians. How many promises has obama broke already in his first year in office... Ha!? And can you just imagine WHAT nasty things are yet buried in the fast tracked obama-care bill ? Acts 4:19 says, "But Peter and John answered and said to them, 'Whether it is right in the sight of God, you be the judge; [20] for we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard." 'They had to obey God as ruler rather than men!' This is the choice ALL who call themselves Christian will soon have to make when our Gov't [and the World Gov't] come to power and DICTATE and take away the last of our Freedoms in the USA!

Smart people, in just economics alone know that this is what will happen. We are treading on thin ice already, and no other country in similar circumstances EVER SPENT THEIR WAY OUT OF A DEPRESSION!
Are we putting our faith in "change we can trust" LOL -- obama, ---or in the promised 'change' that God has written in His Book? Again, I want to draw your attention to the MIDDLE EAST, and how the enemies of Israel are making pacts and contracts/ deals with each other. Something is cooking-- something BIG is brewing, but the so-called News Media run by the Lefties-- the liars, just keep putting more goofy baloney on TV and Radio. And the RINO's are just as corrupt, IMHO. My motto is: 'Better to be safe than sorry.'

With the obvious 'ripple effect' of two bull elephants fighting-- the grass [we] will also get trampled-- I am talking about a large Middle-East war. And when it finally does happen, I got a feeling that it might be too late for many to get right. Be prepared. When Iran gets the correct purity and amount of Plutonium for it's weapons--- Israel knows that it will be toast. Go figure, what would any other country do in that position??

How do you all like the "Global Warming" lately...LOL? That's another lie from the Gov't.... but please, does anyone know if the final cut of obama-care is ready for the public to read yet?

Sharon is having chest pains again-- and she will call her cardiac doc soon to see what they can do for her.

The earth quake in Haiti will take the spot light off our own national corrption for a while.... but I don't feel like talking about politics today.
Have a great day!

Turkey Boosts Ties to its Gog-Magog Future

Posted: 12 Jan 2010 09:29 AM PST

By Michael G. Mickey. Just yesterday I wrote the following in a commentary on Turkey and its prophetic destiny: Everything - and I do mean everything - foretold in bible prophecy is lining up for fulfillment, but watching what has taken place in relation to Turkey swinging from being a West-aligned, mostly Israel-friendly nation to the nation we see in Ezekiel 38-39? It has been dramatic thus far