Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

Tom's Journal.

Well, I don't think I will 'stick my neck out' too much anymore-- predicting a 'big war' in the Middle East in the month of January 2010, and I feel a big foolish... LOL.
Some of my friends in another 'camp' say that God is DONE with the Jews historically, and they had their chance shortly after Christ died for us... the Jews had the chance of accepting Christ in those days, months after the crucifixion-- even as thousands of Jews did accept the Lord then. The the 'cup was passed to the Gentiles' and the 'Church Time' began for the past 2000 years until now. I am now reading and studying a special book from a friend named, Stan, as I said I was open-minded and curious. I am learning some good points that I agree with-- but I want to finish and assimilate everything before I try to explain things.

But the article below has some good supporting scriptures about the Promised Land that God gave the Israelite s, and things just might get interesting in the near future.
Thank you for allowing me to express my human failings and admissions in this Blog. I just have to continue to satisfy my curiosity and thirst for knowledge-- because, IMHO, this is the 'only game in town.'

Sharon is resting comfortably in ICU--Kenosha St. Catherine's Hospital, as I returned tonight to bring her stuff and check her out. She was happy that I came as promised.
The docs and staff gave her some meds to help bring down the swelling and treated her for fluid in the lungs, etc., and the story is that she might be thee for a few days until they can figure out and treat her.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS AND WELL WISHES. Even the hound dog senses Mama is not at home and clings to me for camaraderie.

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Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Posted: 17 Jan 2010 08:41 AM PST

By Jack Kelley(note: I originally published this article in 2000, but with the Obama administration’s renewed emphasis on achieving an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, I’ve updated it and offer it for your consideration.)Right from the beginning, most informed commentators have predicted that the only logical conclusion to the so-called Middle East Peace process would be war.

Sharon is back in ICU today- 1-17-10.

Tom's Journal.

We went to church this morning at 0900-1100, then out for a light lunch-- and then Sharon was in so much pain- with spasms, etc, that she asked me to take her to the hospital in Kenosha, WI.-- ER and now in ICU.
Prayers requested, please.

I thought that the chiropractor, Bill Melby, was helping me to feel better as he works on my spine 3 days a week, and Sharon went to bed early so as to get ready for church in the morning. She has been suffering spasms for the last week and chest pains, and we thought that the heart doctor's [Dr. Blanc] staff forgot to give us some kind of phone hook up to 'read' her defibrillator [and called his staff on Friday-- but we all know that not too much will be done on a weekend], and if you are a betting man, you can rely of medical screw ups more than count on them, IMHO [In My Humble Opinion]. Sorry to sound so negative-- but that is a reality. That's kind of like aircraft back in the 1960's- '70's when mechanics and air crew were more serious about the quality of their work and pilots didn't fly drunk [too much] ... LOL. And our helicopter pilots in Vietnam were top of the line- experts, and could pull off many 'tricks' with their skill and battle tested experience that saved many lives. Now days I will NOT fly anymore-- I will just take my time and drive our great Dodge Ram 4 by 4 pick up truck that carries my power scooter... and I let Sharon use it [of course] to shop and get out of the cabin fever thing. Her power chair is still broke after struggling with the idiots and red tape-- insurance companies for over a YEAR!

I have to go back to the ICU- St. Catherine's Hospital --Kenosha, WI, again tonight to bring her some things-- her CPAP machine that helps her breath at night, etc. The ER doctor said that she would be there over night for sure... and then some.

I have called a few friends and asked them to pray for my dear wife.... again. I have been thru this a few times before but it's still stressful.
Attention is on the island of Haiti, and I know how they are suffering--- and we were told at church today that some of our own missionaries left that place just before the earthquake happened!
From what we've seen, the place does resemble a 'war zone' and with NO WATER to wash or drink! I know that our large military helicopters are capable of landing a lot of food, water, meds, and help... and now it's obama's show..Ha! Now he can be on the hot seat. Not to get political today, but when ever your 'help organizations' are so big with layers of red tape and lack of good communications, it turns into a 3 ring circus and many people DIE and SUFFER! But he and the Dims like and want "Big Gov't." Can't you just wait for obama-care? I PROMISE it won't 'fly right.'
I sure remember that the Army had it's share of goof ups, but when you try to combine several branches of services-- some things just don't get done right-- or at all. A smart Gov't has military proficiency and good organization!

Well, we have enough worries of our own right now, don't we?

Best Wishes-- Warm Regards,
Tom and 'Deuce' the Rotty

The Vikings beat the Cowboys !!