Friday, March 5, 2010

FRIDAY. Every Day is Full.

Tom's Journal.

FRIDAY! Yes, when I was working, Friday was a GOOD day, with the next two days to rest my weary bones and spend some time with the family. We had some good times.
I was just going to say that, now that I am retired it seems like I am more busy than ever, just sorting out all the JUNK mail, doing household chores and taking care of my wife. I can understand now why retired folks don't want to get TOO involved in "extra curricular activities"... lol. They are thanking God that they barely made it to retirement so they can lick their wounds.... and I was so angry with Pres. Reagan [even though I now think that he was a great president], when he pushed back the age retirement for Social Security so folks would haev to work longer to retire and get their rightful due, IMHO. Sure, people are living longer-- but after 30-40 years doing hard labor, ie: Chrysler auto plant and construction type jobs--- there's not much left of a man at age 60 !! Oh, it's just peachy dandy for a pencil pusher in an air conditioned office.. or a crooked politician, but REAL work takes it's toll for sure. Anyway, that's my personal opinion.

Well, as I visited my wife today, brought her some good oranges, etc that she asked for, her BP and blood sugar were still very low and she still has muscle spasms and fierce pain. But she was more alert because they took away ALL of her [many] medicines, to see what was making her so stupefied, pained, and thick of tongue. From what they think [and from what I now understand], she was prescribed the wrong heart meds and too much of them...duh. When doctors say that they "practice" medicine, they are telling the truth....Ha! It's not a pure science that is precise, is it, like they want you all to believe. Anyway, we hope they keep my wife there until they find the root of the problems instead of playing back and forth games and trying to just 'wing it.' By now you must all know that I am not one of those people who falls on their knees to worship the 'gods of medicine.' But now days the current trend is to dump the ONE TRUE GOD IN HEAVEN and go after all other manner of gods and demons.... the earth god, the moon god, gods of immorality, drugs, sodomy, money, greed, material things, and power... etc.

I asked my wife to collect the names of those "doctors' at the Kenosha Memorial Hospital, down by Lake Michigan who 'attended' her last Saturday, Feb. 28th, and then kicked her out 4 hours later, saying that, 'Oh, this is just an on going problem', when in fact we know now that she was, and still is, suffering from a collapsed lung, full of fluid, big time pain, and more congestive heat failure, plus other things !! I plan to post this in the local Racine- Kenosha news papers, to wake up the public. We are not some homeless people who crawled in from the street with no money or insurance--- but if we had been, maybe she would have received better treatment. As it was, Sharon could have DIED!! And yes, I had a right to be angry with those high stepping, arrogant, unprofessional, snobs! When you try to get an answer or prognosis from the hospital staff-- they disappear and hide so they don't have to do their duty, and there is NO way you can reach them. I don't think they like to give your their full names either, so they can't be tracked or help account. And I bet I will wake up the community and speak for many others who don't have the where-with-all to write and get things done... as is always the case.

The medical community [and politicians] are pretty good at damage control and covering their behinds/ tracks, and you can bet that they have a battery of lawyers in their stable to hush things up, out of court. I am not going to wait until my wife is dead to make my point or seek damages and correction, sorry folks. I've had a belly full of that BS all my life watching the VA system s mess over many friends of mine... and me too. Both Dims and Republican administrations have controlled and swept things under the rug [concerning the VA Administration-- 'losing' and burying applications, reports, and claims, even to the present day! They could have corrected the problem decades ago for less money, but somehow they can appropriate BILLIONS for all kinds of BALONEY for illegal aliens and stupid pork barrel projects so the Congress and the Senate people to take home them home to their constituents and get re-elected, like Barney Frank, etc. Don't worry, one small, retired auto worker, and disabled combat Vet like me is not going to change too much-- but I know how to make a dent in the wall, and get things said.

Come to think of it, I guess I will just print a few extra copies of this Blog post and send it to my State senators and Congressmen. Hey, I feel better all ready! And if they kill me-- I'll be in Heaven with the Father and Jesus! Then one of YOU guys can pick up the pen and fight for Justice-- before the Lord comes.

Thank you again, dear friends and readers, for all your kind thoughts and prayers.

Tom Schuckman
Union Grove, WI 53182
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70
"Iron sharpens Iron" ~Proverbs 27:17