Saturday, March 6, 2010

Daily, Sensless Violence in Milwaukee.

Tom's Journal.

The 'Bad Guys', convicted felons will always find a way to get guns to commit more crime! Peaceful, law abiding, LEGAL citizens have to comply with strict laws to buy a fire arm legally, and 'Progressive', liberal, Congressmen and Senators [the Dims] sic, are constantly trying to nullify our precious 2nd Amendment! Shame!

Be alert! Be Vigilant! Take part in contacting your Statesmen and TAKE ACTION to protect our U.S. Constitution! Humble yourselves to pray to the ONE, TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE. The time is short.
Almost every day we read about another murder in the city [North Side Ghetto part] of Milwaukee. This is something so predictable that you could lay down money and bet--- and you would! Milwaukee is a fine city with many factories like Harely Davidson Motorcycles, Breweries, huge crane companies like Harnisfeger, etc., Allan Bradly [with the largest clock in the world-- larger than Big Ben, in England], and the beautiful Lake Michigan lakefront and many festivals and ethnic celebrations. But we also have a 4 generation welfare class that has mutated into a crime ridden ghetto, IMHO. Pity.

Desmond Laster, Anthony Barnes.


Bail Set at $1 Million in Quadruple Homicide

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- A court commissioner set bail at $1 million Friday for each of the two Milwaukee men charged in the gang-style killings of two women and the suffocation of one victim's two young sons.

Anthony E. Barnes, 23, and Desmond D. Laster, 21, appeared in Milwaukee County court for separate hearings. Each wore an orange prison jumpsuit and was handcuffed at the waist. Neither man spoke in court.

Assistant District Attorney Carole Manchester asked for bail of $1 million for each. Both men had long criminal histories and each was a flight risk, she said.

Public defender Reyna Morales countered that Barnes and Laster had deep ties to the Milwaukee area and little money to afford a high bail.

Court Commissioner Julia Vosper said the seven-figure bail was appropriate given the nature of the allegations and each man's frequent contact with the legal system.

Neither man showed any reaction when the bail amount was set.

Barnes and Laster are each charged with being party to the crime of four counts of first-degree intentional homicide and one count of arson. They're also charged with being felons in possession of a firearm.

The charges carry a maximum penalty of more than four life sentences per suspect.

Laster and Barnes went to the home of Laster's girlfriend, 19-year-old Brittney Robertson, last week, and the three robbed Robertson's roommate of $800 and killed her, according to a criminal complaint.

Robertson stabbed Rachel Thompson, 23, multiple times while Laster used duct tape to fasten plastic bags around the necks of Thompson's 3- and 4-year-old sons, suffocating them, investigators said. The three then set the place on fire as they fled, the complaint said.

The trio took Thompson's third son, 6-week-old Maurice Visor Jr., police said. He was found a few hours later, abandoned but safe outside a church eight miles away.

As the day wore on, Robertson began panicking as news outlets circulated a photograph of her that police had distributed, the complaint said. Laster and Barnes feared she'd get caught and turn them in, so Barnes killed her with a single gunshot to the back of the head, according to prosecutors.

Robertson had lived with Thompson for "a couple of months," district attorney John Chisholm said. She told acquaintances that she was in love with the father of Thompson's infant son, although that man is in prison, the complaint said.

Chisholm declined to speculate on a motive in the slayings.

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