Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Apple of God's Eye.

Tom's Journal.


This following article wowed me, as it was loaded with scriptures that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that America [controlled by the most arrogant, egocentric, mad man--obama] is surely walking on thin ice right now! 'When the king of the land [the USA] is wicked, all the people suffer.' Even now we are waning in power from poor fiscal spending on 'entitlement baloney', etc., and are sure to slip down into a lower Moody's rating because of massive debt-- and 'fuzzy math.' Glenn Beck was actually happy last night because the Dims [Democrats] showed their 'true colors' yesterday with unavailing statements as they were thumping their chests and prancing around....Ha!

But now obama is trying to beat down ISRAEL and threatening her. Obama and his henchmen don't realize that they are sealing their fate for working evil upon the "Apple of God's Eye !" God has also blinded their eyes in that they cannot understand the truth of the Bible and it's dire curses against ANYONE who harms God's Chosen People-- ISRAEL!

The good old USA will either cease to exist or just become a impotent, unimportant, 2nd rate Socialist nation, and soon! Pride is dangerous and comes before a fall. Remember that, please, as it applies to nations and regular people like you and me. I have felt the import of of this sin first hand... lol, but a wise, discerning man will accept his whipping from God and BECOME humble and submissive in serving his Master and become reconciled with the Lord. The Father loves us dearly, but He must correct us from time to time when we don't listen to His Word-- the Bible. Read the Book.

Another full plate for me today, as I have to see the dentist for a possible extraction this aft. Fun in the dentist's chair! Woo Woo! I might just freak him out and tell him: "No Novocaine." I hated dentists for decades, even pulling my own teeth at home-- using a few shots of whiskey for courage and pain... LOL. I see wine and booze as a 'medicine' to be used responsibly. Getting drunk is a serious sin, but moderation is important in all things. Some of my friends may disagree with me, but 30 years of intense Bible study trumps people's 'personal opinions' and 'Legalism.' Sorry, but that's how I feel.

Got to buy my wife some flowers and visit her soon. Her blood pressure was dangerously low today and her blood sugar is wacky too. She says the staff treat her well and the good is home cooked and great! PTL for tender mercies.


President Pokes God in the Eye

Posted: 22 Mar 2010 11:31 AM PDT

By Terry JamesRapture ReadyI thought about writing on something other than this news item that almost certainly involves Bible prophecy. Many, no doubt, will make this the focus of their commentaries this week, thus further consideration might just be duplication. But it is just too profound a matter not to address the things encompassed by the story.Jerusalem - the city about which Jesus