Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Resurrection Day.

Tom's Journal.

April 4th, 2010 The Wycliffe Bible Commentary, states in the Book of Acts 12:4, "Properly speaking, the Passover [AV Easter is incorrect] introduced the days of unleavened bread, but Luke uses the two terms interchangeably." But.... not to be a wet towel--even though we see more pagan baloney at this time of the year and commercial greed distorting the REAL MEANING of the RESURRECTION of our Lord, Jesus Christ, we say: HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY!! This ought to be our [all Christians'] 'High Holy Day!' The entire basis of our Christian belief system is pretty much summed up by the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that is the basis of our hope in being resurrected too.

How many of us truly KNOW and Believe that we are SAVED by this selfless act of the crucifixion ?? Or is it just another excuse to get drunk and party down?
The true term, "Easter" comes from the Teutonic goddess of Spring and Fertility, and really, what do rabbits and eggs have to do with Jesus painful death and resurrection?
I was just wondering if we ever saw an "Easter Parade" with a scene of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ... along with the cartoon favorites, rabbits and eggs, etc. Do you think Christ will be happy when He comes back and sees these perversions? I didn't see any of these things mentioned in the Bible. But people say, 'oh, we just do it for the kids.....' Well, why not do something novel, like reading the resurrection account of the Bible to the kids and teach them a few Christian songs...duh? When I was raising my 3 wonderful kids-- I didn't have to wait for some 'holiday' to buy them treats, clothes, toys, etc. Sometimes I think their whole childhoods were a holiday... lol, but I'll bet they will disagree. Fact is: I was very strict-- but I loved them all dearly, and still do. As it depends on me, I will NEVER allow/ see my kids to beg for bread. And I have actually seen young kids starving in Vietnam. That's just another fact of life.

Anyway, HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY, to all my friends and readers !

Sharon made it to church this morning with much trouble, and she kept falling asleep plus her blood sugar was low... very low. She dove into the bags of groceries after I shopped at the store for last minute items that I forgot yesterday and attacked a bag of Reeses candy as she was shaking, and that was her quick fix until we eat our roast Ham soon... a proper meal and balanced. I always make sure that we have LOTS of food at home all the time, frozen, fresh, canned, 3 kinds of fresh fruit, etc. People were so glad to see her at church, and that's what real Christianity is all about, IMHO.

Time to eat and relax.

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord.