Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Message from a new friend.

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I felt compelled to share this message from a new friend. Please, it is NOT my intention to change the world of bible readers, but to just offer what I consider, a major development in the DEFINED KJV [King James Version] Bible. Contact: biblefortoday.org ...and I am not exaggerating about the many reasons this version is so important to me. At first I was just thankful that I could finally get the proper 1611 'Old English' definitions/ meaning of 'uncommon' words/ terms, but later saw the more important reason of how 'modern day versions' of all makes and color have PERVERTED, IMHO, the deity of Christ, and truncated, eliminated, cut out, the most important parts of scriptures! This is indeed serious and comes with a curse mentioned at Revelation 22:19 ! It took ME many years to finally appreciate this fact-- so I will not push anyone who feels hurt and betrayed by this fact. I have been in YOUR shoes, and have had to readjust my thinking several times. I am simply asking you to have an open mind, please. I have a lot on my plate right now with many Spring time bills and taxes landing on my PC table, but I am willing to even borrow the money to get more copies of the special bible that opens the eyes.

I can only suggest that you all KEEP your old translations [modern versions] so you can COMPARE them, side by side to this God-send, DEFINED KJV Bible, should you wisely invest the coins to purchase one, and I hope and pray, soon. Some people at the church I attend are eating this up, and I consider many to be Bible scholars and dear friends. I always "test" my first copy of a book, but now I have ordered more, just like my friend, Mike Hernandez, who turned me on to this fine tool- Book. Thank you, Mike! Like I said before, perhaps after I know the 'uncommon' words well enough, I can always slip back into the many other KJV Bibles we have in the house-- but I have a ministry of sorts in handing out KJV pocket bibles at the Milwaukee VA hospital and any other opportunities/ people that come my way. Actually, I make my own ways... lol, and take the command to share the Gospel with all I humanly can in these End Times, seriously.

Don't you laugh hard at some TV "News Media" commentators that this recent string of serious earthquakes is "NORMAL" or "Average ??" Fools! If they had read the Bible in Matthew 24, these events would have leaped out at them like a fire in the night !

Thank you, my friends, for your continued prayers for my wife, Sharon, and she is feeling a bit better lately. I finally got my shots in both knees yesterday at the VA, and feel better now.

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Tom Schuckman

David JacobsApril 13, 2010 at 10:21am
Re: good point you made!
I grew up on the KJV and every church I spent any time in was a KJV church, so I really never looked into any other version until God impressed upon my heart to start a church. I felt like if I was going to preach out of the KJV, then I needed to believe wholehearted that it was what God intended for us to use. I began doing extensive research on the "modern versions" and the KJV, including its origin, it's translators and so forth. I found for myself what many will tell us now that the other versions are watered down. The guys who were over the American and English Revision Committees (Wescott and Hort) not only held some of the same philosophical beliefs of Plato, Socrates and Aristotle, but also was directly responsible for getting Darwin's book "The Origin of Species" into the literature resources of over 10,000 churches. This in and of itself is disturbing.
I spent six months of Wed. night Bible study time teaching this to my church and many who used other version come to me later and thanked me for showing them the light of the Truth. People who use other versions regularly are merely blinded by the lies satan has used to deceive Christians today. I try not to talk down to anyone using any other version, but I make sure I give them enough factual evidence to cause them to challenge their own selves to find out the truth. Everyone who I have shared these facts with have started using the KJV.
Thank you for your service to the Lord and a special thank you for serving our country. May God bless you.