Friday, April 16, 2010

The Coming Miracle of God.

Tom's Journal.

<<< I belt sanded and refinished [Walnut stain] our picnic table yesterday, and hurt my back lifting too much, but I am satisfied with the work, as we use that table so much in the Summer time. I use the Sun's rays to heal myself and read outside often. I need to buy more A-1 steak sauce, but Sharon says: 'Why wreck a good steak ??'

My wife has become a near expert in the book of Joshua [Bible], and even uses her expertise as a witnessing tool while in her hospital stays most of last year.
Consideration of the OT [Old Testament] shows that the Lord God of Israel [and the Universe] forces/ allows conditions to be so dire and hopeless for a REASON! That is... He wants His people to know absolutely the He alone is their Lord and Savior. We call these many victories miracles, and so they are. Usually, vastly outnumbered and better equipped, Israel's enemies, past and present can NOT win against a nation that serves God! From David and Goliath to even now when so many heathen nations are gathering against the "Apple of God's Eye"... and 'obama's USA', where we are pretty much doomed because of his administration's actions in abandoning Israel -- bearing a 'collective culpability/ responsibility' , even for the whole nation.

Sorry, folks, going down into the 'rabbit hole' and uncovering all the corruption and secret greedy dealings in the smoky back rooms behind the scenes, will be uncovered and laid naked in these 'End Times.' The Lord will uncover the collective sins of the nation and demand Justice-- as the majority of my friends and brothers in Christ know and understand these time!
So I ask you, friends, why are we working so hard and wasting time trying to resurrect America, using all the wrong methods--putting out hopes and resources into a corrupt political system that God will certainly 'deal with' soon?? Today, we are fast forwarding to allow all sorts of immoral practices like: abortion paid for by the State, homosexuality in the military, a welfare system that will break our backs, and assaults on our 1st and 2nd amendments. Do you really think that another political party will correct all these wrongs?? They will compromise with the heathen Progressives and Liberals and we will still be a filthy, God dishonoring nation, with our collective heads on the chopping block! So, WHO ARE YOU GOING TO TRUST??

Back at the ranch, in the mean time, the devil and his human henchmen have put a huge pressure on mankind to just survive and scratch out a living -- even while all the current disasters, earthquakes, and "Signs" are stark-raving evident every day on TV!! Somehow people are being 'de-sensitized' to all the violence and major shifts in American policy/ corruption in all political parties...
and WE are missing the most important factor-- that this is ALL recorded and prophetical for anyone who can hear or read! Be warned.

Sorry to get so excited all the time, but I feel upset that so many are choosing to disregard the emphatic divine warnings of the Bible. I have a number of worldly friends that I care for-- but they are, for the most part, so busy trying to make a living to support their nice families in this constricted 'rat race' wrought by human hands and socialist agendas-- that they take NO note of the larger picture. What a waste of flesh and lost souls-- my many relatives all over the USA, etc. And believe me, I would certainly know if any were biblical Christians, because a real Christian would tell the world about their sublime happiness in their holy relationship--SAVED by the blood of Christ! They can't help but to share their testimony and JOY of Salvation!! Is that simple enough of what!

In being a fluent, studied, informed student of the Bible, I KNOW what will happen -- and so it makes sense to move in the 'right direction' in my personal life. The God of the Bible that we [Believers] worship, will permit the USA and most other nations to forsake that small country called Israel and fend for herself. But GOD WILL PROTECT HER against all overwhelming odds, and we believe a huge nasty storm is about to unfold. I thought this would happen a year ago, but I was wrong, and I obviously didn't have God's mindset and timing.... sorry, I am not a prophet... just a poor old man who loves the Lord, and is humble enough to admit that I fall short every day of my life. God doesn't depend on my expectation with my limited fore sight of an imperfect mind. I can, however, try to maintain my daily biblical mind set and do my humble part in serving God by sharing the Gospel, and help others to understand it [see:].

Rather than present a 'man-made' time span like others-- let's say from now until August, just remember that when we see the predictable coming war between Israel and her Muslim neighbors-- this post of mine will come to mind, and then PONDER on the miracles of God!

Tom Schuckman

Barack Obama vs. Israel: The Cursing of America

Posted: 16 Apr 2010 08:42 AM PDT

By Douglas J. Hagmann. Northeast Intelligence Network. A full six months before Barack Hussein Obama’s Cairo speech, I reported on an interview I had with a high ranking member of the intelligence community who stated that the Obama administration would turn against Israel. That retiring member of the intelligence community laid it all out during our interview, stating that not only would the Obama