Thursday, May 6, 2010

Who will be Tested next?

Tom's Journal.

I find it strange, but delightful, when some big time, better educated, Christian authors/ writers say the same thing that I post in my humble Blog. only a few days later...Ha! NO, I am just kidding, and the entire 'body of Christ-- the "Bride Class" ' has basically the same knowledge and wants to warn others before it's too late to be Saved. And that doesn't mean I am smart or gifted. It means that the Holy Spirit is active in me and is just jogging my mind that is filled with the Word of God. I just read and study the Bible and apply it to every day life and circumstances/events that are happening in the world. The vast majority of the public/ people on earth are mislead by Satan and running too fast the 'rat race' of modern life --of just keeping up their standard of living [or just surviving], with the madness of the world MELT DOWN! Just look at one person's 'hiccup' in making an error/ a key stroke at the stock market exchange today that sent the DOW nose diving 900 points-- but the problems in Greece were just the visible signs, were really the under current of fear was something else-- the world Meltdown that the Bible has mentioned in Revelation, etc.. You can FEEL the tension and panic in the air every where you go!!
Better print more money and grease the machine, D.C. and WH-- and I bet they must use a lot of GREEN INK. Some experts say that our American dollar will be worth about 17 cents or less when the banks declare a "bank holiday" and switch over to another kind of 'currency' - either regional or global.... but then that is really the GOAL of obama and other world elitists from the get-go~!

Concerning Franklin Graham... Albert Mohler certainly had some great, prophetic points about the future of Evangelical Christians and pastors. Wow!
Those who have been watering down the true, biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ, will be in for a rude awakening soon, and their congregations too. We are studying/ learning how to make/ take a good, strong, dug in, STAND FOR OUR CHRISTIAN BELIEFS, ready to fight the fight when we are questioned about certain positions we take on the bible at our fundamental church where we live, [and praise and thanks to Joe Balanger, my friend and church bible study conductor every morning at 0900 !]... and soon enough. It may be the old story of the "Lady or the Lion." Like I keep saying, this will separate, 'The men from the boys.' And I don't believe that one can make the jump, or try to 'wing it' at the last second without the basic knowledge, trust and faith, that all Christians have. The evangelicals and unbelievers have always make fun of the basic, bible believing 'fundamentalists' as being "off the wall', crazy, radical, and too literal. But just take Christ teachings alone-- and that will separate true believers from those who still want to keep 'one foot in the WORLD of Satan' and remain "Bible ILLITERATE."

You know, I would just love to be 'laid back', slow and easy, with no cares [worries] laying in my hammock with a glass of lemonade [like old Bing Crosby], in a dream world.... but that's not reality, and especially right now in 2010! I truly HATE all the stupid JUNK MAIL, but I still have to sift through all of it for fear that something important might be lost or over looked! What I am getting at is that I don't want to miss the 'last jet out of Vietnam' in 1975 [or the fiery world called earth]. And my fear IS justified because something like this actually happened to me, but I am too embarrassed to talk about it. In fact there are many things that happened that the ignorant world [back home] is not ready for -- just like heaven and hell. Yes, the real TRUTH can be so shocking and stark that it actually repels people and drives them away... and people think that you are burnt out on drugs or booze, or just crazy and gullible. "Hey man, what kind of bag you jumpin' out of, talking about heaven and hell all the time?" "Who even cares about ancient history?"

The Bible, and Jesus speak about special, blessed people who 'BELIEVE'-- without having seen the miracles and the Savior with their own eyes! Well, for one thing we have the absolute truth of the Bible that is common sense and logical, and the Holy Spirit which makes things possible to understand. And please remember that people cannot understand these truths without the Holy Spirit [the big HS... The Hotel- Sierra] as they are blinded by the light.

I had something very negative happen to me last night as I visited a certain place and people, but I am not going to post about it, for a change. However, I am glad I did it-- to see such a radical departure from where I am now... the result yielding a happy, grateful moment and making the right move at the right time. Thank you, Lord! And if I am wrong, I expect the Lord to take me to the wood shed. The Lord does this to ALL whom He loves. PTL!

Warm Regards,

Who Will Be Tested Next? — The Dilemma of Franklin Graham

Posted: 06 May 2010 02:55 PM PDT

By Albert Mohler.
Marking the National Day Of Prayer, evangelist Franklin Graham led in prayer this morning at the Pentagon. Not inside the Pentagon, mind you, but outside, where he led a handful of other Christians in silent prayer.The recent controversy about Franklin Graham is a sign of things to come. The prominent evangelist, son of Billy Graham, is known for his plain-spoken...