Friday, June 4, 2010

Usury in the Fed.

Tom's Journal.

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My buddy, and fellow Vietnam Veteran, Mark Hoppe, sent me this eye-opener article and reference piece, that has most Patriots and Christians scratching their collective heads and wondering why and how the secretive FEDERAL RESERVE came into being in the USA ! This is a lengthy but honest explanation of how our current FAKE paper money came into being, and how we will certainly become a nation of paupers and slaves in the very near future-- because our country has elected questionable Socialist leaders in the USA, who are really TRYING to run us down into paupery. Shame....

This is just as important as learning the "RULE OF 72" and the MAGIC OF COMPOUND INTEREST --- USURY! What do the so-called POWERS THAT BE have in mind when they continue to print useless, FAKE, paper money that won't even be good for toilet paper when WE melt down !?? Praise be to our God in Heaven for giving us His Word, the Bible, so that we can honestly learn and rely on His promises to "REMOVE US" from this dangerous, polluted, corrupt world of Satan in the RAPTURE ! The wicked intention is to mislead the world and make the majority poor slaves [ God-less Socialism] while the top elite have all the wealth-- just the opposite of what they claim, preach to get elected. And it's not just Obozo and the Dims, but the whole demonic system of Socialism that is shredding the U.S Constitution, and other countries! You must know by now that there will surely be a "domino effect" as the European countries continue to fall, one by one-- and then America too. What are YOU going to do now? Seriously, I would like to know. Will you continue to put your trust and faith in earthly man who cuts down a tree-- using part of the wood to cook his meat and veggies, and then carve a graven image and bow down to worship it?? Ha!
I would rather put my trust and faith in the God of the Bible, who has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD, who always keeps his promises! Jesus is MY Lord and Savior.

Glenn Beck has helped us a lot-- even though he is still missing the most important point: the "God Factor".... the Rapture, and then the Great Trib, and final destruction of a sinful world/ earth. Sorry, Folks, if this sounds radical.... it's pure Bible scripture.
Please take your time, read it, and then use the "comment" link to post your thoughts.

Our Garden is shooting up like Jack and the Bean stalk, from all the rain we are getting in Wisconsin! I was happy to have weeded it yesterday, before the rain. We wanted to plant more seeds but maybe we will glad to settle for what we have. PTL

Tom Schuckman
Heaven is my Home, and Jesus is my Lord and Savior.