Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday is here.

Tom's Journal.

Yes, my wife is back at home again, and some of the super stress is slowly melting away-- back to the "normal" routine again. Sharon looks better and lost some weight, but has many bruises from inept, 3rd rate 'new nurses' who don't know how to stick a needle in some one's arm correctly. Personally, I would much rather have an old, wrinkled, but pleasant nurse who has been around the block a few times and knows how to find a vein-- although I always had nice, big veins to choose from.

My daughters cleaned the house so good that I forgot where they put Sharon's important medications-- but my daughter, Sarah, came over today with her two young kids and found them exactly where she put them-- and I forgot about that place. I used to pride myself on my great memory-- but I feel it slipping a bit...Shoooot!

I got my 4 more cheaper, $15 each, DEFINED KJV Bibles in the mail today, and it's always good to keep some handy when you meet the 'right people' who are receptive to us Christians sharing the Good News/ the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am thinking that I should not be so hyper and anxious about the great melt down-- and just chill out. But how about the DOW taking a loss for the past 7 days? No matter if the "News Media" or the Gov't is lying about some sort of "good news" that the economy is doing better ...LOL, we need REAL jobs in the USA, and we need a high wall on our Southern border to hold back the drugs, smugglers and human trafficking/ violence! Looks like a 3 ring circus to me now days on Mr. Obama's watch, but...Oh well... Heck, most of us are so caught up with our own family challenges, sickness of loved ones, health, etc.

Three visiting nurses came over to talk and share info with my wife --of some options for free Visiting Nurses to come and assist her for a while in the future--- and they gasped when I told them that the St. Catherine's Hospital near Kenosha, WI [actually the Humana Insurance Company] released Sharon straight from the ICU-- to her own house! That is kind of unorthodox, but the nurses are seeing that more often these days-- which tells us that things are economically strained and heading in the wrong directions, and I bet they will only get worse.

We don't have to be 'star watchers' to figure out that we are headed the same route as Greece, where some drastic measures will have to be implemented soon, or we all sink. Some folks insist to pretend that the 'sky is NOT falling' and put their TRUST in earthly man-- humans, silver tongued 'leaders' who lie and promise ANYTHING to get them elected! However, any good historian or Bible student knows what MUST come-- at the rate the world is moving-- and what the Bible says will come. ...Just a word to the wise.

Please be aware-- and Be Advised: A new Drunk Driving Law just took effect in Wisconsin in time for the 4th of July, with more severe penalties for DUI's, etc. With so many innocent people killed up here in 'God's Country' -- this time I agree with the Law. I think they should be a bit lenient for the first time offender-- but some jerks have 6,7,10 drunk driving events/ histories and they still continue to drive drunk and without car insurance!! I would hate to see my beautiful grand kids hurt or dead from some drunk punk who just don't care about anyone except his own personal pleasure and stupidity. The Bible doesn't condemn 'a little wine' with the meal, and being moderate and responsible. But DRUNKENNESS is a serious SIN! It only takes ONE TIME to get behind the wheel and kill someone-- and afterward, saying that you are sorry will not bring that person back. And just think about the higher insurance, shame, and damage to your vehicle, plus your won bodily harm/ danger. Just my opinion, folks.

Tom Schuckman