Saturday, July 3, 2010

Food for Thought on a Hot Night.

Tom's Journal.

Today there was a weather report of 'poor air quality' in S.W. Wisconsin, but we went to the 'big city' by the Lake to pick up a few things. The stores were just jammed with bodies waiting in line! We came home and I bought us some ice cream from the Dairy Queen, and that always cheers our spirits.

The illegal fireworks outside un-nerves me so that I want to find my own 'piece' and fire in their, but I would NEVER do that. I know so many other combat Vet's who are disturbed by sudden, sharp, loud noises, and it's a common red flag of PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder]. Everyone seems to have SOME phobias or fears-- and I know that I could just as easily find those demons in goofy "civilians" and play upon THEM! A few times some idiots thought that they could push me into feeling some latent perceived combat reaction when they caused a big noise or said something, like the term, "INCOMING !" But nothing happened and they only stirred up some hidden anger and resentment in me. Some of these punks just can't get it-- so Vet's need to put the 'fear of God' in THEM, so they learn some manners. No body tries that crap with me anymore.. but then there is a mystical ism about Vietnam Veterans... that many of us are 'crazy', and the punks just don't want to risk the out come by goofing around.
I am proud to say that most of the time I have kept my cool and not reverted to violence and sin... regarding this subject.

Sharon has been in a crabby mood since she came home-- and maybe she prefers the constant attention of the hospital staff...Ha! I certainly don't expect her to wait on me hand and foot-- but neither CAN I wait on her. And if she falls down, I have a heck of a time getting her back up and into a chair. Not to complain too much, but I honestly feel like a baby sitter for having to tell her 100 times a day to: wear her oxygen cannula [nose hose thingy], use her cane to walk, and check her blood sugar, and eat the right foods at the right time to keep her BLOOD SUGAR at the correct level !!! Wow! Does this seem to be out of the realm of common sense and normal thought patterns or too hard to understand??? Everyone must carry their own cross and try to take care of themselves as best they can. All people know that I am a good provider and my wife and family lack nothing! Well, we all have our grumpy days, and the hot, humid weather affects some more than others.

Heck, it's just like the Army or on the job... if every one does their job, things flow perfectly, all most. Have you ever known how some races, cultures and nations are 'more efficient' , smooth running, with a better standard of living. The products they make are of better quality, dependable, and worth every penny? At least in the past, such products came from countries with an average air temperature of 72 degrees F. Maybe it's just my own observation that the more developed countries were Christian and had free enterprise. Why is it that Muslim countries are still 3rd world, and very poor? I have been to Europe and Asia, but I still prefer the 4 seasons of Wisconsin and the upper Mid-West. We still get high heat, high winds and tornadoes, but we are a residual , hard working people... who are over taxed..Ha! If this world continues to turn for a few more years-- I firmly believe that Mr. Obama will still break another one of his promises and tax the middle class in America--until we are all poor. Isn't that why we broke away from England?

Tom Schuckman

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