Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tom and Sharon's Adventures.

Tom's Journal.

Living with Sharon is ALWAYS an adventure... lol! I asked her to get me up in time for church last night, but she fell back asleep in the living room this morning, I guess, and then I had to scramble at 0800 to get to church at 9AM. We both got ready in good time, but then she slipped with her mid-sized goofy shoes --dress heels and fell near the bathroom, and her eye glasses pierced the temporal side of her head and she lay there bleeding profusely! We were both worried that they may have poked her eye out! I just can not believe how clumsy she is, and still doesn't eat a proper breakfast to take care of her blood sugar/ diabetes, and has to be reminded DAILY TO USE HER CANE FOR STABILITY!

Well, I had a hard choice of going to church by myself to be with a good friend--invited guest, or stay home to watch Sharon. I said to her, 'I will keep my cell phone on in case you need me in an emergency.' And wouldn't you know it-- some ghetto person 'mis-dialed' me at church-- wrong number, and this was not the first time, so I hung up on the brain dead person who was probably still hung over from her party time last night....Ha! I have many close friends at church who understand my challenges as a care taker, etc.,and I explained what happened to my wife this morning. And the congregation prayed for my wife-- but I feel sheepish in always making some lame excuse for my wife every other Sunday. Sharon bled all over her nice dress and the floor ---that I tried to mop up in a hurry. She hurt her back more--again, but I stopped the bleeding and put a healthy band aid on her small but nasty cut. She has a lot of trouble walking now from the newly afflicted pain to her body.

In the mean time, my good son, Andy, came over about 10AM and started/ continued his work, painting of my house. The old, cheap paint sprayer from his boss's shop just would not work right even after he broke it down, field stripped it, cleaned it, multiple times, so we jumped in my truck after I got home and bought a bigger, better, new paint sprayer at Sears in Kenosha for over $200, but it worked like a DREAM! It sprayed a perfect mist of pretty blue house paint evenly, flawlessly, and we got 2 sides of the house done, after wasting so much time today with the old one that he brought! It was 90 degrees today and humid, and Andy drank lots of our chilled distilled water, soda, etc., and we both got really tanned and dark from the sun! I told Andy that he could borrow the paint sprayer anytime he wants-- just keep it clean and in good repair. He has the skill and talent to make some serious money on the side.... but he already works 2 jobs. All 3 of my grown kids, in their 30's, are very smart, hard workers, and I am very proud of them!

They all know that I am kind and generous as much as I can be to all of them, and I love them dearly. Perhaps they thought that I was a mean, hard task master when they were growing up-- but I didn't want them to grow up spoiled, lazy or stupid. I think all my hard work raising them paid off... but that's my personal, humble opinion. I only pray that they ALL find the Lord very soon and draw near to Him. All I can do is to set a good, clean example and share with them some bible logic and truth, if possible. But when we were at Sears, the black gentleman sales clerk helping me struck up a friendship of sorts-- and I gave him a small copy of the New Testament [Bible] that I carry in my power scooter, and he accepted it! I also took a chance on giving him my personal business card with my phone number and email address, and directed him to the close by Victory Baptist church that could/ would help him. He claimed that he was not sure 'where he was going.' I could have explained that part easily enough if we had the time-- but we were in a race with time, and my son could only spend so much time working for me. BTW, Andy did about 98% of the work, and I just tried to stay out of his way-- but I figured that it would be wise if I sat on a chair near his work, in case of an accident/ emergency, and to keep him company and tell him my old jokes...

My son noticed my skillful, respectful and kind handling of the bible placement with the Sears store sales rep. that helped us, and didn't pressure him or take up his time, and that was a 'witness' for my son, in how a true Christian LIVES his Faith! I may had a high verbal aptitude and studies the Bible for the past 30 years-- but it was/ is the HOLY SPIRIT that helps me to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to so many people. The Spirit gives me the power, understanding, wisdom and discernment to accomplish my mission on earth in doing the Lord's work. All honor and glory go to the Father in Heaven! PTL. For the record... If I were stranded on an island or could only have 2 books of the Bible to read-- it would be the book of JOHN, and ROMANS. They both explain what it means to be SAVED [and how to get Saved and know that you WILL go to heaven-- for sure, positively], and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Don't worry folks, I still have a long way to go and work on my personality flaws and imperfections, sinner that I am. I also love my wife very much-- but I just wish she would be more careful!

'Living the Christian Life in Hard Times', really caught my attention, and I was thinking that Americans, for the most part, are SO SPOILED, SOFT AND DEPENDENT on all the creature comforts, cheap food and gas/ fuel we all enjoy right now!! Hey! I love MY comforts and pleasure too, and I am thankful to my Father in heaven. But on the other hand-- I, personally know what real hard times are all about, because I lived though them--- not bragging-- just a fact/ truth. "You carry the good times in your wallet-- and the hard times, in your heart.' I have learned the hard way through they years to be frugal, build up a nest egg for emergencies and hardships-- but most of all, have a close bonding relationship with GOD ALMIGHTY-- and His Son, Jesus Christ! It took too many years and hard falls for me to learn that. I only wish that my readers and friends will be smarter and more humble than I was.

Tom Schuckman

From my friend, Carolyn:

Hi everyone, I've posted the latest on the American History series. Come by and read about the Reasons behind the Federalist Papers. God Bless!

"The subject of the second coming of Christ has never been popular to any but the true believer."

Billy Graham


Living the Christian Life in Hard Times

Posted: 18 Jul 2010 08:49 AM PDT

By Jack Kelley There’s no doubt we’re living in some of the most difficult times of our generation. If experts are correct it’s been 2 ½ years since this recession officially began, and many workers have already exhausted their jobless benefits. But others are just now being laid off and according to projections another million families will lose their homes in the coming