Saturday, July 24, 2010


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Ha! I had to laugh at this question -- not trying to be mean spirited... but it seems like a city slicker wants everything handed to him on a silver platter, easy and fun! Ha!
Sorry, folks, that is just NOT reality and real life unless the kid was born an 'only child' into a rich family--- who is just plain spoiled and really ignorant.

I have to tell you that, I was not born poor, and my parents worked very hard to make a good life for us 5 kids, and I believe that we basically, for the most part, were blessed and fortunate, middle class Americans. PTL. We [especially ME, the oldest] had to do chores in and out of the house, and when my parents bought our small 80 acre farm, we really learned what the term 'work' was all about. Going out for sports in high school, football and Track also had a good effect on my brother and I. And I hope you are not sick about hearing about my Army days, because I learned tons of stuff there too, besides working as a team with other soldiers and taking orders.

From then on, I worked all my life, many jobs, hardly ever being un-employed for longer than a few weeks, putting over 30 years in at AMC/ Chrysler and retiring pretty disabled at age 54, having 'gone through the mill a few times... lol.' I decided and learned from the Bible, that having a steady job, even though physically demanding and working with jerks and dangerous felons at Chrysler, was a blessing and GIFT FROM GOD. One of the worst things for a man is to be un-employed, and unable to take care of his family. It just tears and rips the heart out of a man, IMHO, and takes away his manly pride. I have personally had to take low life, low paying jobs in the 1990's, like a welding job in Racine, WI., at Haban manufacturing, for $6.50/ hour, and NO benefits at all. That Christmas the company gave us all a small box of Kentucky Fried Chicken...Ha! Woo Woo! And when I quit there for another welding job that paid a little bit more with some benefits-- they had the gall to ask me WHY! I learned to trust in the Lord more in those days, and I will never forget how poor and miserable I was. It changed the way I thought and lived and saved money for emergencies.... and stored up food, etc., for a rainy day.

Even when I got called back to Chrysler in May of 1995, I still kept the same mentality and never let my guard down again. And I am not so ignorant that in the near future things could get so mean and nasty that most of us could STILL wind up poor from all the stupid administrative and Congressional policies that sometimes mirror North Korea's Socialism!! Just think, folks, in the future, I just could be thrown in prison for just saying stuff like this! The entire world is turning on Israel, and Christianity too, but the godly people hunker down, while still proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in all His glory!

I only post a tiny bit/ percentage of reliable information and news that I trust, compared to the tons of daily info I read and digest, so as not to take up all your time or filling my posts with 'fluff.' I would like to make a difference in peoples' lives, if possible.

So... for the younger folks who might read this blog-- work is not supposed to be "easy and fun." Although, if we do the work for the Lord and accept it as a gift, we can be happy and grateful.
My dear wife, Sharon, fell down again early this Saturday morning at 0630, backwards into the bath tub, and I just managed to hear her call for me to help her, as I was still sleeping in the next room, with the oxygen and CPAP machines going. She said, 'her knees buckled...' Friends, I am telling you now, that just by sheer number/ percentage, and Sharon NOT LISTENING TO ME, she will probably fall again and again until she does major DAMAGE to herself, like breaking a hip or hitting her head on something harder!! And somehow, someway, people will think that I am somehow RESPONSIBLE! What do you do with a spouse that won't listen to you or the kind pastor who came over to visit and help us the other day?? I need your comments and thoughts, please.

Right now I want [and Sharon wants] me to go to the store and get some fresh fruit for her, but in the back of my mind, I will be thinking that Sharon will try to get up and walk around, even with her walker-- she could FALL DOWN AGAIN! If I sound upset-- it's because I am.

Tom Schuckman

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