Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Fruits of our Garden.

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IMHO, Millions of honest, true, biblical Christians know, understand and look forward to the prophesies listed in Bill Salus' article toward the end. I certainly do, as it is GOD'S WILL that these things must happen in His good time, but we see the "season" draw closer to fulfillment. I was thinking sometime this Summer 2010, but I need to be very careful NOT to push or suggest things happening according 'my own time table' -- but when the Father in Heaven chooses, and only Him! Wouldn't it be nice and cool for Old Soldier Tom to get SOMETHING right in his life...LOL?? But this 'game' is for all the marbles-- keeps!

My blog posts explain that all of Israel's long history show that the Lord God, Jehovah, always wanted His chosen people to depend and trust on HIM ALONE, and not special weapons, horses, chariots, vast numbers of troops or allies/ armies of heathen nations. But the Jews, being stubborn, stiff necked people, had to be taken to the wood shed so often and disciplined-- that finally, the Lord cast them off [for a while] in favor of the Gentile nations for thousands of years up until now when He will cause the scales for fall from their eyes return to pure worship, following/ accepting the Christ. The God of the Hebrews and Christians desires the glory, credit and worship for saving His people--- that is His rightful due. For this reason, God will bring about what appears to be a total abandonment of Israel, by all the nations on earth, including the USA--America! This will show the Jews in Israel and other people that God alone is the reason for their victory, in the coming Middle Eastern war! I would 'expect' the Rapture to follow sometime after the Jewish victory right around the corner, whether it be this Summer 2010, Fall, or latter.

I am not really worried about the exact time of the Rapture or the Mid-East war when Israel [actually God] whacks the Muslim enemies that seek to wipe out Israel-- because REAL Christians are in this spiritual fight for the long haul. We look forward to serving, obeying and worshiping our God and Savior forever! And if this is so-- ought we not throw more of our time, energy and resources toward spiritual, godly, congregational interests and ministries right NOW ??

We are trying to get Sharon's power chair running in time for the Racine County Fair, in WI., this week, and Sharon would really love to go with me.

I took her to see the Orthopedic Doctor today
and they gave her a heavy duty back brace that makes her look like a Ninja turtle, but it helps. She refused all surgery on her spine... period. The staff thinks that it just might heal by itself in a few months.
I ate the first 2 ripe tomatoes from our garden today-- and they were great! I feel that I can take a break for a while and catch my breath in all the heat, rain and humidity.. PTL, except that I heard MN got some softball sized hail today-- and some of that might drift our way soon.

Time for a hot shower and then bed. Tomorrow is another day.


Israel, Iran, and the Ishmaelites

Posted: 27 Jul 2010 12:43 PM PDT

By Bill Salus. ProphecyDepot.com As Iran’s nuclear development program nears completion, the rogue state draws dangerously close to possessing sufficient military power to control the OPEC Oil Cartel and the Islamic Crescent. Iran’s apparent quest to obtain overwhelming power in the Mideast region justifiably concerns Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, who has recently ratcheted up his support for