Friday, August 6, 2010


Tom's Journal.

What ever mischief and "politically IN-correct" tirades Mel Gibson gets himself into, I still love some of his famous movies, like Braveheart, and 'We were Soldiers', etc. I like his humor, and hope he gets saved. And one of my own pet peeves IS this "political correctness" thing, that is in fact a tool of the Progressives [read: Liberal Left] that is pushed on society to stop the real truth being proclaimed!

Too bad that most people in America don't realize how much tension there is living in an armed camp-- like the Israel, surrounded by hostile enemies that have sworn to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. [ I had a good taste of combat from 1968 to '70, in 'Nam... so I can empathize with them. ] If we were to count how many times war was averted even after rockets were fired, kidnappings, snipers killing people in the state of Israel, the scales would tip in favor of the Jews!! But, in a 'politically correct' world run by Liberal Socialists and Jew haters, [and I know just how it feels from my own life stories of being a conservative Christian...and not backing down], the UN and world is strangely silent when Israel looses civilians and soldiers from enemy gun fire--unprovoked. Hey! What's new... LOL?

This is one 'game' I can play and win--- because the Bible is on MY side and I read the Book! Ha! I can play, gamble and wager with any one, concerning exactly what WILL HAPPEN in the near future! The intense skirmishes, shootings, bombings and flotillas will continue until Israel will have to push back just to exist and survive-- and THEN THE WORLD WILL MOST CERTAINLY CONDEMN HER AS THE AGGRESSOR, while ignoring all the enemy provocations prior to! I like to simplify things, but I can give you the long and short version of the synopsis. But perish the thought that 'worldly' unbelievers would EVER crack open the Bible to read this for themselves. They are afraid that if they dare to open up that BOOK, they might have to stand accountable for their actions and then loose respect of their unbelieving peers and 'friends.' Sometimes I laugh at my own blog words and ideas, seeing some humor in the subject. When we are young we use our strength and muscles --- when we are older and disabled, we use our money and brains.

I just told my wife, Sharon, that I am unconsciously getting ready for Fall and Winter now, as I bought a heavy chain and hooks to pull people out of the snow drifts, etc, with my Big Ram 4 by 4. This was ingrained in me as a child by my Dad who had the same 'hard working farmer mentality' that he inherited from his fore fathers for survival through the centuries. No hand outs, endowments/ subsidies/ welfare in those days. Now the folks in the inner city, ghetto people don't share this attitude, because just like in N.O.,-- Katrina, they depend on the Gov't to take care of them --from the cradle to the grave-- you know, the Progressive [read: Liberal] way. The current U.S. administration's own inner circle is now starting to cave and resign because their 'hand out, welfare state, poor economic policies-- and dreams of grandeur gone bursting, are coming home to roost.
But do we really believe that Israel's troubles and woes will over shadow the coming rise in prices of wheat and gasoline-- and a bankrupt America ?? But our world community is all tied together now days and interwoven.

Are you ready for the RAPTURE?? Friends and Readers, I just want to hit on one important subject [because I felt the same way and was once troubled by this too...]. Too many people that I have talked to in my personal Christian ministry of sorts, have confided in me that, they just don't feel sure and positive that they can/ will go to heaven, and so they are afraid of the coming Rapture. Friends, I need to tell you all, and prove to you with God's own Word, the Bible, that ALL have the opportunity to be SAVED with the true prospect of heaven!! God STILL holds out Salvation to everyone on earth IF THEY REPENT and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior! 2nd Peter chapter 3, verse 8, says, "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness, but is long suffering to us-ward, not willing that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance." [all CAPS-- mine]. ~ Defined KJV Bible. See: But there is a limit to God's mercy and His time table in ever moving keep His promise to His people, believers, and Israel too.
God cannot lie. The day will surely come when all true believers, soldiers of Christ, the dead in Christ, the Saints, WILL BE RAPTURED UP TO HEAVEN! And then the Holy Spirit will cease to move on earth, and the Great Tribulation will become a woe to the world causing intolerable sorrow, death and pain to all of earth's survivors until the end--Armageddon.

If something like this is holding you back from enjoying pure, joyful fellowship with God and Jesus Christ, fear no more! I am here to share everything I have and know from many years of intense study, with help from the Holy Spirit-- that any Christian can get through simple, earnest prayer. My email address:

If I can help you in any way--coming to Christ, learning more about the Bible, just email me, or comment.

Well, I told Sharon that I would help her can more tomatoes in the morning if she really wants to, and I consider myself a 'man of my word.' It's going to be another 'tight' month, and probably a tight Winter too. Best to plan ahead, because the Gov't is honestly running out of other people's money, to where even our hallowed Social Security is in deep trouble now! Are you all really surprised?? Russia's wheat crop is cut in half because of wild fires and drought, so they are cutting exports too. Have a great day.

Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70
Jesus is my Lord and Savior -- Heaven is my Home.

Psalm 83 Averted for Now

Posted: 06 Aug 2010 10:27 AM PDT

By Nathan Jones Lamb & Lion Ministries In the 1995 Mel Gibson smash hit movie Braveheart, the Scotsman William Wallace is about to leave his kilted army and join uninvited the pre-battle talks between the British and Scottish leaders. Wallace's friend Hamish asks, "Where are you going?" Wallace with a puckish glint to his eye replies, "I'm going to pick a fight." Hamish unfazed nonchalantly