Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coming Apostasy.

Tom's Journal.

I don't know if I will be able to finish this post tonight-- getting tired too early and stressed out from all the tests and intake at the VA today... but I felt the need to 'capture' and record something I heard on Christian Radio WVCY-America, 107.7 FM on the way home from Milwaukee today about 1:30PM. It was partially about Glenn Beck, and a possible apostasy that seems scriptural, comparing Germany in the 1930's, etc. Many of you will think I am nuts, but it makes sense to me. You see, Christians will and should be in the minority and persecuted in varying degrees all through history. And large mega churches often get caught up with too much entertainment vs: real, serious Gospel and Bible. It just may be the little churches and 'house churches' in the end that will be the only hold outs for true biblical Christianity.

And some think that there might be a reversal of the Socialist Obama machine/ gangster thing that has rushed in to take control, with their 'Clowerds and Piven' way of destroying America-- and maybe there will be a big time reversal of Patriotism and nationalism with a 'hidden agenda' that will also take more of our freedoms in a sneaky way, just like Hitler did. The churches in Germany called it, "Christ has come to us through Hitler," and praised him young and old, churches and all! America may be so messed up with so much hatred and discussed from the present economic disaster from the obama Gov't, that people might latch on to a charismatic new "Leader" who will go the ultra opposite way-- super nationalistic, just like Germany of old, after the horrible depression in the 1930's.

Brandon Howse, is one of a few pastors who talks about this subject, and I have heard him many times on the radio and TV.
It is ONLY THROUGH GOD'S OWN KINGDOM that we will eventually experience paradise on earth, when the Lord Jesus Christ comes back for 1000 years and reigns in Jerusalem! And the "Church" can't and won't be around when God turns His attention to Israel again. We will be out of the picture-- and this is becoming more plain and clear to me day by day. I have posted enough on that subject this past month.

Right now there is a separating work being done between the 'sheep and the goats' and those who are not sufficiently steeped in the Bible could and will be fooled in these Last Days! Beware. Jesus told us this in Matthew 24.

The Va hospital had me jumping through hoops most of the day for my 'pre-op' info intake, tests, EKG, more x-rays, scans, blood work, consultation, etc., and I felt stressed out, and also had to here a pack of "possible" adverse side effects, and possibilities... where before I thought it would be a smooth cake walk... LOL. And then, it may be in late October before they finally get to me--- as there is a long back log of other Vets who are in line ahead of me...Ha! Well, at least I am in the system, and I figure that I ought to have this done... before Obama decided to steal from and shaft the Veterans too. People who know how much I hate hospitals and surgery are now realizing that the physical pain is finally getting to me, and my quality of life isn't worth spit.

But I will tell you, in my heart of hearts, even if I was rich, I couldn't really have much pleasure knowing that the 'other shoe' was going to drop soon enough. Hey... I wouldn't expect 10% of all the so-called Christians in churches to have the hunger and thirst that I have for the wisdom and knowledge of the Bible, and that's OK too. But it seems to me that in view of the high tide of corruption right now in the world and the USA, more people should be waking up now! People don't have that ultimate zest and hope of heaven-- because the LOVE the manure of this old Satanic system of things on earth!

BTW, I let the docs and staff at the VA hospital know today that I would NOT accept any blood transfusions, except that they will have a special machine and crew that collects my suctioned blood while being in surgery in a container that MIGHT be re-used for me ONLY if there is an absolute dire emergency. My main reason is that I don't trust the blood bank system, and I will not take a chance on getting hepatitis, HIV/ AIDS, Malaria and many other vile things in tainted blood these days. Besides, I already knew that knee replacement surgery is not that bloody of a deal. I do my own research, always have. I collected my travel pay today too...$$.

To be continued.....