Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Big Time Wind in WI.

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I deleted the post mentioned below that had to do with the "probability of what language Jesus spoke while on earth" from my Blog list, for a number of reasons. 2nd Timothy 2:23 says, "But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes." ~KJV. And there is also solid teaching why Paul did not welcome women as teachers/ pastors in the Christian Church, also found in Timothy. Another translation says, "Shun foolish questionings."

There are some old friends with sharp, well studied, Christian minds and hearts who are kind enough to pull me out of a meaningless time consuming fight/ quick sand-- wasting precious time in these 'Last Days' of wickedness on earth before the Rapture... and I think too often about how crazed and blood thirsty the devil and his demons must be, bringing every type of trap, snare, road block and impediment just a little while longer until the Lord claims His Bride-- up, up and away-- to HEAVEN! Satan wants to poison as many wells, minds and hearts as he can before the Lord comes! And don't we know too many people who just love to drag others down into their own swamp of evil, poison, wickedness, and hard-hearted mischief and despair! Satan is the father of the LIE! That is why I keep pounding my drum: 'STAY AWAKE and FINISH THE COURSE!' In ancient Israel, if the temple guards were caught sleeping, the captain of the guard would have them stripped and chased though the streets with men carrying sticks! That's why scripture says, 'Keep your clothes!' The Inter Net can be either a master or slave-- something to help share the Gospel, Christian love, encouragement -- or more mischief and sin. I don't get into all these time consuming farm games, etc., but I am not demonizing them either. But if we can do one-- why not the other?

How many of us have lived a fantastic, adventurous, scary life, even intense combat and war
, painful, near death accidents, or just constant HARD WORK?? Many of us feel that we OUGHT TO HAVE A BREAK-- a long rest, after working all our lives, paying taxes and sacrificing to help our families, etc. But this is NOT the time to slack off-- this is the time to hang on, study/ read the Bible daily-- go to a good Bible preaching/ believing church and share the Gospel with as many as we can! Pray and Practice for those special opportunities to present themselves of sharing the Gospel, and then DO IT! Have the guts to take a chance and TELL THE TRUTH of the Gospel, even if it's 'politically incorrect !' And yes, Biblical Christians probably will be finally censored and forbidden to practice their 1st Amendment Rights-- Freedom of Speech, as things get worse in America.... and I don't care who gets in office-- the Bible says that we will suffer some persecution. Sharon and I WILL VOTE ON NOVEMBER 2nd, come wind or high water, and it just may be [again] the 'lessor of two evils.' If the right people, conservative, God-fearing, Constitution respecting get in-- we just might have some peace and quiet enough to share the 'Good News' of the Gospel, for a while.

Sorry to be the bearer of sad and troubling news, but... financial experts still predict that America will most likely suffer DOUBLE DIGIT HYPER INFLATION in the next 6 months, or less, no matter who is in office/ Congress. While both political parties are playing the "blame game", America-- and the world will be going down the tube-- fast and deadly. Any person with an average IQ KNOWS that at a certain point, a person, family, State, or Country cannot remain SOLVENT anymore, if they continue wild spending and borrowing-- and that goes for once great nations--like AMERICA. Duh... Do we all know how a check book works? Don't we understand what Credit Cards and Compound Interest is all about?? The 'Rule of 72 ?' The Milwaukee VA called me the other night and informed me that some of the services now accorded me will be REDUCED, and there is nothing I and other disabled Veterans can do about it! Nothing is too sacred for this liberal, Socialist Gov't to rip off the Veterans who ought to be protected-- especially when they are DISABLED! But this is only the beginning, folks. The first place slick Willy Clinton went to cut benefits was the VA system! And the beat goes on.

Can't you just feel the uneasy, nervous fear, hostility that runs like an electric under-current in our society-- in our everyday life right now? Road rage in Wisconsin and inconsiderate, hostile driving is the norm, and that's one of the reasons I sold my big 6 cylinder Goldwing motorcycle 2 years ago, and I've been biking all my adult life-- to and from work to save gasoline.
Christians will suffer too-- but they have a reliable "Shelter" and "Place of Refuge" -- Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior. But we should have been following the Bible's wise advice/ council too: Pay off/ down our debts and learn to live frugal.

I took Sharon out for lunch again today at noon, and then home for a while, but we had to be back at 4PM-- Woodstock Nursing Home rules... I took Deuce, the Rottweiler, in the truck and he got a hamburger [plain] too in the back seat of our Dodge 4 by 4. We both needed hugs and kisses to charge up our batteries, and Sharon took more clothes with her and got a new cell phone battery-- still under warranty. So even with the destructive high winds in WI, we still had a very good fruitful day. PTL.

Warm Regards,

These are my thoughts on what language Jesus spoke. Jesus could speak what ever language He needed to get His message across. He probably did not speak English because there were no English speaking people to speak English to. I believe Jesus spoke in tongues, that is to say, that when He spoke, everyone understood Him in their own language regardless of where they were from. Any attempt to pin Jesus down to one language is stupid and pointless since we weren't there. The people who want to or feel they need to pin Jesus down to one particular language are the people who are trying to change the Bible to fit their translation or needs. They want to say,"This is what Jesus really said." or "This is what Jesus really meant." , when ,in fact, we know what Jesus said because we have it written down for us in God's inspired word. We have everything we need to live a holy life. Arguments such as this are used to cast dispersion on the Bible and to cloud the minds of true believers. muslims love this sort of arguments and will jump on it in an attempt to create doubt while they press their islamic (no capital letters for pagan infidels) agenda. Heck, there is a muslim site attached to your e-mail calling for glory to allah. This argument is just another attack on the Bible from a different angle. Tom, don't get caught up in these endless, inane disputes. They are not worth worrying about. Stay on course, stick to the Bible (KJV).
On a lighter note say hi to Sharon and tell her we love her and that she is in our prayers. You both are on our prayer list at church. Take care brother and don't let those yahoos steer you wrong.

Steve B.

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