Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Celebration in Wisconsin- Post Election.

Tom's Journal.

Sorry folks... I am having a ball [NOT!] 're-inventing' the NEW AOL structure, and what went there, where is this, how to do that, baloney, again. Seems like a Big Brother thing to me... lol. Seems like I lost all my fav U-TUBE songs, pictures, etc. I am so tired of being 'out of the loop', and I must be a mushroom because all they [AOL] do is keep me in the dark and feed me more BS! But don't worry folks-- AOL and the other robber barons will prob pull this stunt again NEXT YEAR!

I was pleasantly surprised and joyful to watch the election finals late last night and today, but after the champagne wears off, the Congress will have to play hard ball and NOT compromise with the Dims and tenant of the WH, who is still so arrogant and full of himself. Yes, I said, "NOT COMPROMISE." The new taxes and obama-care has to come down or starved, but even that won't be enough before the economic storm hits us. I am kind of proud that many of my [and my dear Christian friends'] fore warnings [ actually mostly Biblical] are coming true-- even as it will hurt everyone including poor old Tom. As man becomes more sophisticated in this 'modern era' he devises more lethal, more powerful things to blow himself up and hurt othes. "Man has dominated man-- to his injury.] Nations reach a "golden age" of power and enlightenment-- and then comes tumbling down to humiliation, decadence, poverty, and shame. You have heard of the old cliche: 'if that person had brains -- he would be dangerous.' Well, that is just where we are right now-- the silence before the big storm. Have we not seen some folks who are on the edge of going broke/ bankrupt-- and they throw a big booze party with porterhouse steaks and lobster-- putting on a show and denial... Shame-- Pity... Just like the proverbial 'hand writing on the wall' in Babylonian times-- people will party down until the storm of devastation slaps them in the face-- but let NOT Christians be so ignorant with this 'herd mentality', please, Lord.

And I 'talk a good game' too, but I have known real poverty before, and certainly don't want to go back to that era. I have a few safety nets, but God in Heaven is my real anchor and rope. The prediction of 6 months until HYPER-inflation sounds about right, but the devaluation of our American dollar [in a GOOD scenario] will make about 20% of our money/ savings, VANISH, over night, but that is just for starters! And the country's problems are very complex now as obama and the Dims have muddied most every lake and stream in the past 2 years-- and yes, Mr. George Bush was guilty of some too in 2008. Now is not the time to point fingers however -- but to formulate a hit list of priorities that will stem the bleeding of our nation-- at least for a short time. If Christians can somehow STAND UP AND BE COUNTED-- sharing the Gospel first and foremost, that would be a good start -- and the scriptures have much wisdom about money, savings, etc. But as I have been pounding my drum for the last year or so, God has His time table, and plan of action set and rolling already, and how can ignorant people say the 'Lord's Prayer' at Mathew 6:9, and not know what: "You kingdom come-- Your will be done" means?? God's Kingdom [or gov't] is NOT Socialism!!

Did I tell you all that I had to order 4 more hard cover, large print DEFINED KJV Bibles for Sharon's 'Nursing Home ministry' a few days ago? She has interested ones that she talks to who want a large print bible like hers at Woodstock Nursing home and rehab, in Kenosha, WI., and we ought to know that older folks have tired eyes and need larger print. If some of you want to help-- I am NOT asking for donations-- just your prayers, please. Sharon is a good trooper and I love her dearly. Her new Laptop PC only works SOME of the time, because the nursing home doesn't have their FiWi wiring up to snuff, and it isn't one of their main priorities, I guess. She doesn't have much space for all her clothes and belongings there either, but I will try to help her work something out. Far from fancy and spacious, it is cramped and she has a room mate, but gets along with 'Helen' who is suffering from early dementia, and is down to a skeleton frame for not eating right. I brought Sharon some fresh strawberries, apples and caramel dip today, and I love to watch her eyes light up with joy and thankfulness when I bring her gifts and presents of love. She melts my pea pickin' heart, and I miss her. Please visit:

The Prophetic Christian Role in Our New Government

Posted: 03 Nov 2010 08:48 AM PDT

By Bill Wilson Word of Life Ministry There is going to be a lot of spin put on the overwhelming victories by Republicans in the November elections. One thing for certain: this is a historic rejection of the leftist Democratic socialist agenda. Unfortunately, it may be too late for America. She has been gutted by the uncontrolled spending of the menagerie of communists, socialists, anarchists, and *********

Hats off to the Wisconsin voters for throwing out 2 very Liberal-Progressive, Pro-abortion, Anti 1st and 2nd Amendment BUMS, and replacing them with 2 fine Republicans for Senate and Governor, and this is a Blue- ultra Progressive State! Pray that the new RIGHT guys can soften the blow when we all fall....crash economically.
And hey! The price of silver today is almost $26/ troy oz !! Gold almost $1400/ oz!

Warm Regards,