Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Perils of Sharon.

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It's funny [or not too funny] that all the years I worked in Union shops, like AMC/ Chrysler, Nestle Company, etc., the contracts were written in 'legalese' so that the membership could hardly understand it. I will have to do the research on my own retirement 'package' contract to see just what I have [left]-- but when we retired we were a bit rushed to sign so many papers and just get the heck out of that polluted auto factory! After 30 years most people had a belly full of it, even if we left many friends behind, many limped out of the gate every day as the 'walking wounded' with serious injuries that we had to work with every day. A few dozen workers died of a special HP pneumonia caused from leaking coolant and lubricants that kept the big machines running every day, and there was actually a fine mist in the air that we all breathed in, but most of us developed an immunity to that corrupt environment and survived. The company, of course jacked the dying and dead workers' families around and for the most part denied them the benefits, etc. It's just amazing what when down in that big powerful company and union, but I was happy to have a descent paying job to pay the bills, and bought 2 houses while I was working.

After I left visiting my wife today [and took Deuce the Rotty with me] and finally got home, the nursing home called me and had a speaker phone set up with various in house financial people listening and explaining Sharon's status-- and she was there too. Seems like Chrysler Humana only covers the cost of the Home if she needs physical therapy, etc., and WI Title 19 only works if the doctors and staff can prove [persuade] the State, that she NEEDS to stay there. We need long term care for a totally disabled spouse! Because of this circumstance-- I will be required to pay some $400/ month for her to continue her stay, but they are still slugging it out and weighing all the other factors, plus it's hard to get in contact with the State Title 19 people in their lofty Ivory Towers. It's a stinking mess. Sharon feels that she is too frail to come home-- and I agree with her... and she will eventually fall down again at home, break more bones, when I am not looking [she gets lazy and doesn't follow doctors' orders and precautions, etc.
I WILL take care of Sharon the very best I can if she has to come back home, and I enjoy her company and friendship. She has lost a lot of weight, but she has trouble standing up. breathing, and walking!

So if it's hard for my family-- it must be hard for other families too, unless some others fall into the obama's favored group that never worked, welfare type of people, that the gov't supports with OUR dollars all their lives... lol. But we all must understand and respect those who are truly injured/ disabled who have the legitimate right to SSDI, Gov't assistance. Years ago, when there were more REAL practicing Christians-- families took care of their members, including older/ disabled parents.

Seeing and visiting my wife so often, I have begun to become more knowledgeable of the disabled people's plight in nursing homes and how they are treated. I have had a good number of meaningful conversations with several patients at Woodstock Nursing Home and Rehab since Sharon has been there, and some are very smart,wise, people, and Vets. I will try to be respectful and delicate, but Sharon tells me all the dirty secrets about the lazy staff... but if I said "too much," people would automatically call me a 'racist' for being 'too descriptive' -- talking about certain "types" of people who actually HIDE FROM WORK, and do the bare minimum, are rude, mean, grumble and mistreat the patients!! But I've seen lazy pigs too in all my years of work
-- and those kind of people just love to 'play the race card' when ever they get caught loitering, stealing, crimes, or doing a substandard job, etc. Right now with the 'gentleman in the WH' it would be 'politically incorrect' to be more detailed and descriptive.... if you know what I mean.

Well, anyway, when I took our registered "Service Animal", Deuce the Rottweiler into the Mess Hall at lunch time at Woodstock Nursing Home today ALL THE PATIENTS LOVED HIM AND HE LIGHTED UP THEIR SPIRITS AND MADE THEM ALL SMILE! But the 3 food serving staff girls, who just happened to be 'African-American' put up a big fuss and acted 'morbidly petrified' -- totally paranoid at the sight of our gentle, well train, Katrina survivor, Deuce, and they asked me to pull the dog aside-- out of the room, and so I did. but after the patients got done eating they all came by to pet our dog and say wonderful things about him. Sharon has a wide circle of friends who BEG me to bring our dog all the time, but it's hard to do with so many air heads working there, looking for any reason to dampen the spirits of the poor patients who must live there. But we all know that 'certain types' of people fear Rottweilers-- for what ever reasons... lol. We both have spent many hours training Deuce, and also took him to a 'Service Animal School' to get him certified, and he has all his shots, of course. I just paid over $135 today for 2 bags of dog food! Stocking up for the 'Storm.'

My power scooter ran out of 'juice' today while at the grocery store, and what a bummer! NEVER use the distress lights or horn again!! They pull too much electrical charge/ juice out of the battery. So I had to charge the scooter again for the 2nd night in a row. See, I have to learn from my mistakes too.

Flash! Sharon just called me up and told me to pick up her and all her belongings in the morning, as she thinks it will cost too much to keep her there-- but she will continue to probe, research, and fight to get what is hers, legally.

Hey! How many people like or eat sardines ?? Most of the ladies will say 'No Way!' I think that they are a good 'survival' food. So is peanut butter. What type of survival foods have you all put up, stored?? People like me need to know.
Well, how can we miss not knowing how other countries feel about our Gov't printing more money to BUY UP OUR OWN BONDS AND DEBT in the USA?? This is 101 basic Economics our Gov't, obama and Congress are pretending to ignore!! This funny money with no Gold standard backing-- will DE-VALUE our American dollar so that it will have much LESS buying power! Glenn Beck is at least telling the truth about this business.... that it just may take a wheel barrow full of dollars to buy one loaf of bread, not IF, but when our economy tanks. But that is exactly what obama, the Congress and George Soros wants! Good bye, USA....... Hello China! All this business makes loving the Lord Jesus Christ and studying the Bible all the more important. Are you ready for the Rapture? I heard that there are no nursing homes in heaven...

Warm Regards,