Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fed's 'War on Wealth.'

Tom's Journal.

Now remember that I used to be a Registered Rep. with PFS Investments, licensed in Securities, and read many books on finance... also a History buff, so when I read about the Federal Reserve doing such outlandish things-- I KNOW that our national and international economy will be destroyed! You know folks-- do the research yourself by working with your PC or going to the library! You don't need a goofy degree to figure out wealth or staying a float! The USA COULD do other things to stop the bleeding debt without hiking up the taxes-- but they just will not do it!! The "man behind the curtain" is pulling all the strings with the devil whispering in his ear. Economics is not that hard to figure out-- it's a lot like figuring out your own check book. The same goes for understanding the Bible, which is written on a 5th grade level, but if you don't have the Holy Spirit, you won't get it.

I had another rotten day with everything going wrong--- but I will continue to live and work things out somehow. I kept hearing some strange sound coming from my front end-- wheels, so I took the truck to have the oil changed but asked them to check out my tires and brakes, and sure enough, the rotors were shot, kaput, and grinding badly. So I took the truck to a pro-shop that deals with brakes and they estimated that the tie rods were bad too and the whole bill would be $700! My son could have done the brakes for me, but since the tie rods were damaged, I let the shop do the deed, but it still hurts. The truck is only 3 years old and I don't abuse it, so I just wonder what made them wear out so soon. I call this baloney, "Murphy's Law."

In the mean time, my wife and I are still looking for all the paper work for all the many bills, income, expenditures that are needed to file for WI State Title 19, and I had to pay the nursing home $425 this morning for Sharon to stay there the rest of this month.
Hey! I am used to dodging 12 arrows at once and dealing with disaster where others would have a nervous break down-- but I grow weary of shelling out all the money that I don't have. I will just have to lay low for a long time and spend less. And Sharon will just have to deal with the food they serve her at the nursing home instead of ordering out when she get finicky-- but I can still bring her fresh fruit when I visit.

I am going to drive extra careful from now on too and avoid the pot holes to save my truck from further damage-- although my son told me that driving should not hurt a tough truck. The brake shop has a good reputation, but I knew they were going to be high in price... some way, some how. I never trusted Sears either. So... what next?

I got to witness and share the Gospel with 2 women today and held their attention pretty good. And a number of people thanked me for my military service today. I came home and made more hamburgers on the grill, and the dog stole one while I was using the bath room... bad dog! My son, came to pick me up from the brake shop to take me home, and I really love his new car! I could really use a vacation, and have not had one for the last 5 years.



The Fed's "War on Wealth" and the Risk of Default

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 08:49 AM PST

By Cliff Kincaid America's Survival Charles Ortel, managing director of Newport Value Partners, tells Accuracy in Media in an exclusive interview that the Federal Reserve plan to buy $600 billion of U.S. Government securities "borders on the criminal" because the impact will be the devaluation of the dollar by 20 percent and the destruction of $10 trillion of household net worth."Any potential