Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Major Damage in Union Grove, WI

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Sometimes I think that God allows us to remain ignorant so that we don't just jump out of our skins and have a cardiac arrest... LOL! IF the tornado had been about 200 yards farther North it would have hit my house! PTL!

I suppose many of us are apathetic and nonchalant when we see or hear of natural disasters around the world-- until we personally get the dirty end of the stick, as my small country town in the 'Land of Cheese' got hit last night. A good friend of mine from church, Bob Melby told me that his son-in-law was actually inside the Grove Gear factory [where I used to work back in 1971 for a short time, when the roof came off yesterday!! That ought to get the heart pumping fast. My biggest concern is not being able to use my oxygen and CPAP machine to help me breath at night when I sleep-- for my Sleep Apnea condition. I know how to stay warm with the 'proper way to wear clothes' thanks to our good, old Army training. Hint: wear TWO under shirts to trap in the body heat... etc., always wear a scarf or handkerchief around the throat/ neck, and a leather and fur hat/ cap. If you don't have a mate/ spouse to cuddle up to-- use your dog [they have a higher body heat than humans--- listen to/ think of: "3 Dog Night."]. Eat or take capsules of Ginger and Cayenne pepper with cold water, or add those type of herbs to your food. You can actually put some Cayenne pepper into your hunting boots to keep your feet warm! And remember: "A Country Boy can Survive !"

Yet, I had trouble sleeping last night, and then Deuce, the Rottweiler woke me up to let him outside to do his business, so then I was able to get back on-line, but I wonder if the TV/ Cable will work now-- if I try. I did manage to visit Sharon at the Woodstock nursing home in Kenosha, WI, with her requested grapefruits, poor lady. It sure is chilly and windy today at 28 degrees F., at 11:44 noon-ish.
I also got some sliced [good] ham, and Welch's Grape soda pop, but my power scooter was low on battery, and I didn't want to over load it-- as sometimes it just quits on me, and then I am in trouble with a bad back and arthritic knees. Thanks to Bill Tippet, from IL [who used to serve in the same helicopter outfit in RVN-- who has repeatedly asked me if I need any assistance. Thanks Bill, and all the others who have called me to see if I was OK. Bottom line: We can expect more freaky weather and storms in these 'Last Days' before the Lord returns to call the Saints up to heaven, and just reading the Bible gives me much peace of mind.

The apostle Paul said, "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." ~~Philippians 1:21 KJV Bible. The true Soldier of Christ needs to be ready all the time-- you never know what is going to happen to us at the drop of a hat.

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Major Damage in Union Grove, Walworth

By Jon Byman

UNION GROVE - A tornado ripped through southeast Wisconsin Monday afternoon, causing damage across two counties. Homes and buildings were damaged in both Racine and Walworth Counties.

Authorities shut down all roads leading into Union Grove, which took a major hit. The Union Grove Police Department confirmed "heavy damage." The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department received a call that Grove Gear on 15th Ave. in Union Grove lost its roof. It also appears the Union Grove DPW building lost its roof.

"The tornado came through at about 4:05 and we saw the tornado just rip the roof off of a building that I think houses the DPW," one witness in Union Grove told Newsradio 620 WTMJ.

We Energies says it's dealing with about 3,100 customers without power in the area around Union Grove. We Energies has informed Newsradio 620 WTMJ that power to its transmission facility, which is just north of Union Grove, could be out for days. Alliant Energy says it's dealing with 4,400 customers without power in Walworth County.

In Walworth County, at least two homes and several farm buildings were damaged in the southern portion of the county.

Authorities shut down I-94 in both directions near Sturtevant as the storm moved through. At least two semis were tipped over, one on I-94 near Highway 20.

There have been no reports of any injuries due to the storms.