Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Huge Financial Changes.

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For all Big Birds with long necks-- this article and subject matter may be too scary for you and you may wish to bury your head in the sand. I would feel the same except that I have something special and precious in my life that gives me hope in the darkest of times... even as a "news junky." Despite being very imperfect and still sinful [although trying hard to improve myself with the help of the Holy Spirit, and serious Bible study and reading...] --I love the Lord Jesus Christ, and He is my Savior forever-- therefore giving me the promise of everlasting life in heaven! Only by merit of Jesus' ransom blood sacrifice on the cross can we have life in heaven, but the vast majority of folks on earth will CHOOSE NOT to believe in Christ and follow His way. Accepting the Lord and relying on Him makes me feel truly blessed and grateful-- even as bad news appears on the Internet and TV every day-- like the stuff below-- cold hard facts.

Hey folks! I too have tried every trick in the book to learn how to survive in times of lean and economic discord/ melt down, working hard and putting my faith in the power of mortal men and organizations, even false religion. It's all a bag of holes and few get rich or truly happy. "Happiness is a by-product of serving the Lord Jesus!" And allowing the Holy Spirit to work in our lives while studying the Word of God. All else is a fleeting illusion from which strife and sadness come. This system is RIGGED so that most of us can't get to that golden plateau in life / and retirement where we hope to be debt free, happy and free from the fears of illness, old age and pain!

On the other hand, using this temporal life on earth as a mission of serving God and praising His name-- stores up our treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot consume. "Life is a vapor." And the 'god of this system of things' has got most of us running in a circle--chasing our proverbial tails!

When my physical therapy guy, Erwin Lim, was over today at about 4PM, he noticed that my blood pressure was very high-- not the usual norm-- but that was because of my Milwaukee VA appointment and the confrontation there, carrying/ spilling over into my own personal life even after I got home! Even being a Christian will not always protect us from the great stresses of every day life, but prayer does wonders! And we would do well to understand that the Rapture could come at any time-- and then all these stresses will be 'Left Behind' with the folks that didn't make/ take time for Christ! Friends, what we are seeing and experiencing now is just a prelude/ preview of what the Tribulation will be like-- but a million times worse!! With this mindset perhaps we could all breathe a bit easier-- and I know that many of my friends have serious problems too-- but we have realistic HOPE--because God cannot lie [Titus 1:2]. I think that it's up to us to call, email, visit and help our fellow Christians in need-- but remember that we are all sinful, erring humans who fail each other often, get old and die. That is why we MUST form a closer bond to the Lord Jesus Christ.. and now! I need this info and support as much as any of my friends and readers, and so your prayers, emails and communications to me are so welcome and sought after.
Please tell me what you think about the following article that is well documented.

Tom Schuckman

2011 Could Usher in Huge Financial Changes

Posted: 18 Jan 2011 12:56 PM PST

By Bill Perkins Compass.org As events continue to unfold on God's perfectly timed prophetic calendar, Believers will have more and more opportunities to point to the Bible as the only answer to the world's problems.As non-Believers look more and more to the government for help, instead of God, their problems will only worsen. We must be ready to give Biblical answers as God provides us

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Carolyn said...

Tom, I just posted the same article to my Bible Prophecies blog. It is important for Christians to keep everything in perspective and their eyes on Jesus. I do hope those who are searching and close to accepting Jesus will read for themselves the Scriptures- as they really do declare the state of our world today! God Bless Tom!