Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jewish People.

Tom's Journal.

I have found out long ago, and other pastors have also said: Read and Study the Bible earnestly, zealously on a regular basis-- even if it doesn't always make sense to you at the time. Latter on, EVERYTHING will "come together" and make sense! Two important points I want to make are: It's just like anything and everything else-- you will retain and understand a subject or book, as much as you PUT IN to reading it. I can only relate to my very active life of getting 'into' so many things all my life, from young until right now, that somethings were hard for me to grasp and completely foreign to me, like Blue Print Reading for Welders that I HAD TO TAKE in college-- strange welding symbols, etc. It was all 'GREEK' to me! I had a great Blue Print instructor at Gateway Tech college [and also one at MATC] who told me that his own son had to read/ study and re-study material up to eight times before it finally sunk into his head!! And then a few years latter, when I took a job/ change of study/ course... I flunked that long, hard Federal Exam for Investments and Securities [6 and 66], the first time that -- and it cost me $75 at the time, back in 1995, so I said to myself: 'self'.... You WILL pass that exam the 2nd time because it's just that important to moving up the ladder with PFS, as I was already a District Leader with about a dozen 'down line' people under me! So I figured that I would MEMORIZE all the study material if I had to... lol, and I did pass it the 2nd time. Yes, I had to change my course in life a few times just to survive and pay my bills, and that was hard too. Many unemployed people now days refuse to do that-- but I say that there will someday be an end to their "free lunch" and Gov't entitlements. I was in the same boat, so I can and will tell the truth about it.

For the most part, we are lazy people-- not wanting to leave our 'COMFORT ZONE.'
For that same reason, many will perish AFTER the Rapture because they just didn't MAKE TIME or move out of their 'Comfort Zone' long enough to seek the Lord Jesus Christ, and learn God's Word-- the Bible.
But what does it matter if it's easy or hard?? Getting to heaven has got to be the most important thing in a person's life-- at least in MY life! And it's not about 'being good' so much as it is about accepting Christ as our personal Savior! But after a person REALLY, TRULY takes that first all important step-- he / she will WANT to know God better and learn all about Him. I hope that makes sense. Most of my readers already know this-- but perhaps a new person needs to know this info.

I just may have to drive to the Milwaukee VA [Veterans Administration Medical Center--- VAMC] tomorrow and plead my case to the Patient Advocate and the Administrator, etc., unfortunately, because they have not got my medication right yet, but I don't have the good Bibles that I like to carry with me on my power scooter and person, to give away to interested people right now-- I am out. ... so I will take some bible tracts if I can remember. The 'fruit-age of my lips'
[my ability to just share the Gospel] because I know it that well, and the HOLY SPIRIT will help me say what needs to get said, of course. I often use the analogy... 'You can't with draw money from your bank UNLESS YOU PUT MONEY INTO THE BANK PRIOR!' Same with Bible knowledge. You have to know what you are talking about and put it in an understandable format and be serious, respectful. I feel that a "new Christian" can be just about be polished and steady enough to share the Gospel in about 6 months, but others may want to share the Good News right after they first learn it ! If a person found a cure for diabetes or cancer, would he/ she not want to share it with others?? Well then, how about eternal life in heaven-- versus pain in Hell forever ??

Time to let the dog out, and then go to bed.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

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