Monday, January 24, 2011

Stroke in the Family.

Tom's Journal.

I just heard a few hours ago that my only brother, Albert, found his wife, Colleen, on the floor recently, and eventually found out that she had a 'significantly high' stroke, and is now just out of ICU at St. Luke's hosp. in Milwaukee, WI., today. I am sure that this sad news will throw the entire family into a tail spin-- even though some of us suspected that this would eventually happen-- given Colleen's past habits and health concerns, with all due respect. The lady was always nice and kind to me, personally, and was a hard worker outside the home. She has seen me go through too many relationships in my life time, but her and Albert remained together forever. I always envied people like that who could somehow solve and live with their problems-- and everyone has them. I suspect that she might end up in a nursing home too-- or at least a Rehab entity for a while.

With my historic perception of people and much reading-- I believe this will produce much stress on my brother and his family, and I only want to help if I can. Albert took care of my precious hound dog, Deuce, while I was in the hospital for knee replacement surgery and Rehab for a few weeks recently, and I regard this kindness as special. Actually, I think that Albert became very fond of my trained Rottweiler. His son, Steven, has always honored my wishes to come over to my house and help me with things, shop, and clean up my house while I am still convalescing. Actually, I could really use him now to cut my dog's toe nails.

I request that my friends and readers consider offering up prayers for my brother Albert, his wife and family now, please. I honestly don't know if they know the Lord, but it's not for lack of me trying to talk to them and set a proper example these last few years, and I even gave Albert's son, Steve 2 Bibles to take home and share/ examine, and talked about the Gospel and heaven many times. They have plowed and turned over my veggie garden and cut my lawn, etc., and Al and Steve are both skilled tradesmen and hard workers. We have not always agreed on everything, but that's beside the point-- they are still family.

My wife said that her painful head aches are better now-- as she is playing bingo at the nursing home today. My knee is aching-- but maybe some of that is due to our cold Wisconsin Winter this year.

Warm Regards,

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