Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Word of God- Hebrews.

Tom's Journal.

So that my good readers don't think I am a biggot... lol, I found this cool article about the UNITED METHODIST CHURCH today, but wasn't too surprised at all they are against. I guess many of those folks don't even crack open the Bible!

This being the case, many of my Bible friends agree with me that too many so-called "Christian" churches are nothing more than 'feel good' social clubs who have long departed from pure Bible teaching-- but align themselves with the ultra Left-Liberal wing of politics!! Flash! God has plans for them too.... and I expect that they will be 'Left Behind' too, if they don't see the huge error of their ways and REPENT!
My good friend, Carolyn E., from FL claims that there are not any pure, wholesome Bible teaching churches in her area-- so she does the next best thing: She steeps herself in serious Bible study! Folks, from all that I read daily, things in the USA just might boil down to that in the near future! If "Organized Religion" continues to grow more polluted, twisted and perverted into nothing more than an arm of the Libby Left-- and totally disregards the true Gospel of Jesus Christ-- we may well have to be on our own. Just like the 1st Century, true Christians gathered in private homes and small groups to study, worship, pray and encourage one another. ARE WE ALL READY TO DO JUST THAT??

First of all, IF, for instance, persecution came to the USA over night [just for the sake of argument] what would we do? Just like any other emergency, are we PREPARED? Instead of candles, batteries, water and canned goods--- how much real Bible knowledge do we carry in our minds and hearts? Remember, to draw things out-- we must put things in. So we must have a PLAN! I think that DAILY input of Bible/ Scriptures is a good way and plan... and there are so many different ways to "feed ourselves." Many of us are spoiled and in a rut to just go to church and sit there like a bump on a log-- and then go out the back door quickly to return to our castles and "Comfort Zones." We THINK that we are doing good! But for me, if I don't see people carrying their own personal copies of the Bible, or don't even see pew Bibles, a red flag goes up in MY mind. The Bible is our SWORD! "For the word of God is quick [living, alive], and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder [into pieces or parts] of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." ~Hebrews 4:12.

The words in the book of Hebrews are so powerful that I will read that whole book again to burn it into my mind and heart. Most of my friends tell me to read the Bible more to put an end to my depression, and so I will. I also will order some more great DEFINED KJV Bibles- inexpensive, regular print: $15, and larger print, $20-hard back etc., today! Here is that web site to order the Bibles: ...This is just one idea/ example of how to get the ball rolling/ started, with out too much over head, and it's smart of have a few extra to give away [or perhaps sell only for the original cost of purchase], and LOOK-- people buy cigarettes, etc., for almost that amount of money, etc., but they balk at dropping as much for something that will invigorate and lead them to the Lord?? I just ordered 2 more books: SAFELY HOME-- by Randy Alcorn, about the great numbers of Christians in China who are 'underground', persecuted, tortured for Christ and murdered-- but who vastly out number real Christians in the USA and Europe COMBINED!! Hello!

My point is: Will that same persecution happen here in the US? And if so, what will people do? Those of us caught up in material things might have a hard time taking sides with the Lord... Just food for thought today on this cold Winter day in South East Wisconsin. Deuce the Rottweiler comes up to me while I am on the computer for some TLC and attention. I found out that I permanently lost all my documents and pictures when I had my PC repaired in the shop when I was in the hospital last month-- and the hard drive was fried, so I have to "rebuild" it all again from scratch. Having trouble downloading Adobe Flash Player... I call my wife about 6 times a day just to visit. She says she is waiting for me to get better so she can come home again to live here.
So things are going OK for me today, but 'one day at a time, sweet Jesus.'
Prayers for those living where there are reports about black ice in parts of GA and LA.

Warm Regards,

Tea Party vs. United Methodist Church

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 08:35 AM PST

By Mark Tooley Institute on Religion & Democracy A prominent Tea Party activist recently called for shutting down the 7.8 million United Methodist Church, exciting the Huffington Post and various liberal bloggers. Tea Party Nation President Judson Phillips last month saw and disliked a banner at the Methodist Building on Capitol Hill demanding: "Pass the DREAM Act." The sign referred, of course,

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